BEEN HERE ONCE BEFORE - The opening track on Eagle Eye's second album is a laid back 60s style Pop mid tempo ballad.  Nice melody and harmonies on the vocals and although lacking in lyrical stature its a nice, easy going start to the album.

ARE YOU HAVING FUN? - The fifth single and first from this album reached number 21 in the UK chart.  The best single since the debut "Save Tonight" in my opinion.  Its catchy chorus and uptempo almost New Wave Punk backing make this a great track.

ONE GOOD REASON - This is a really cool slow, dirty Blues track with almost whispered vocals from Cherry.  Should have been a single, one of the best tracks on this album.

PROMISES MADE - The third single from the album which failed to chart here.  This is a slow, soft, melodious track that at times sounds like an old Folk shanty track.  It's string accompaniment gives it a nice lilting feel.

BURNING UP - This track has a similar upbeat feel to "Save Tonight" and has an equally catchy chorus, a hint of Country and Blues lifts this to greater heights.

TOGETHER - Some Blues and Funk guitars make this almost Acoustic track a cool listen.  The effects on Cherry's spoken vocal and the arrangement on the chorus give it a Psychedelic feel.  Its a good experimental track.

LONG WAY AROUND - The second single from the album featured his half sister Neneh Cherry on co-vocals.  It reached number 48 in the UK chart and is a mix of their styles as you would expect.  A great record comprising of Eagle Eye's Alternative Rock and assorted Blues with Neneh's Hip Hop and Trip Hop leanings.  Class.

LONELY DAYS (MILES AWAY) - Another easy going track for 2 and a half minutes sounding a little like light Country Rock but after this the sound goes up a gear.  Great guitars and harmonised backing vocals give it a nice ending cresendo.

FIRST TO FALL - An eerie, darker track than the rest of the album.  A hint to Grunge Rock here, not one of my favourites although it does pick up pace after a couple of minutes with searing guitars and a big finish.

MISS FORTUNE - Rock with Soul makes this track a keeper.  Funky styled vocals with a steady build up to the finish of keyboards and guitars.  Engaging listen.

SHE DIDN'T BELIEVE - A nice enough track that kicks off promisingly with a similar beat to "Save Tonight" but meanders on a little bit and becomes too predictable. One low point on this album, I'm afraid.

SHADES OF GREY - A catchy chorus, slide guitars, a steady beat and this is a brilliant end to the album.  Alternative Rock circa 1990s, a little Pop, Blues and Country with an Alternative twist.  Fab.