BRUTAL - Olivia Rodrigo's debut album opens with a scorching 90s Brit Pop Punk track, reminding me of Elastica and Sleeper in its female angst ridden vocals. It also has me thinking of Wendy James and Transvision Vamp in its brash style.  The former Disney star shows she has left that way behind with great Indie Pop Rock album with a few expletives thrown in for good Punk measure!

TRAITOR - A slowed down tempo for this track, a beautiful, soft and melancholy Indie Rock track similar to Avril Lavigne in style with maybe a little nod to Kate Bush or Tori Amos in the atmospheric vocals? Love this track.

DRIVER'S LICENSE - Perrfect Pop break-up ballad, Taylor Swift, Sophie B.Hawkins and Michelle Branch spring to mind on listening to this.  Beautiful heartfelt vocals over a sparse, orchestrated style moody backing.  Really nice and accomplished composition from 18 yr old Olivia and her debut single.

1 STEP FORWARD, 3 STEPS BACK -  Another gorgeous soft ballad which does remind me clearly of one of my favourite artists, Tori Amos, in its breathy, pure sounding vocal style.  I do hope Olivia keeps this cool, Indie style for future releases and doesn't get on the Pop princess bandwagon.  This girl is going places.

DEJA VU - This track is a cool mix of styles, its a little R n' B, Soul, Industrial Rock, Pop and probably more I have missed.  A very creative, clever and interesting composition.  Another extraordinary song from this lady.

GOOD 4 U - I caught this track on a new music channel on the Roku streaming stick! I had to check this girl out and found this album to review.  Absolutely love this track, its bouncy, rocky and has a great Punk attitude like the previously mentioned Avril Lavigne and Amy Studt. 


ENOUGH FOR YOU - Olivia's sweet and pure vocals take centre stage once again in another Tori Amos styled track.  This is a really lovely song.

HAPPIER - Similar in vein to the previous track, another emotional and passionate vocal at the forefront of a sparse, moody backing track.  

JEALOUSY, JEALOUSY - A change in style, this is a pretty funky Indie Pop track, this actually reminds me of Wendy and Lisa of The Revolution.  Its got just enough quirkiness and angst to push it to greater heights.  I really love this track.

FAVORITE CRIME - This is an atmospheric almost Soul/R n 'B track, similar to Christina Aguilera or Beyonce.  Probably the most poppy song on an album full of Indie delights.

HOPE UR OK - The final track is a little soft vocal Indie Rock akin to Tori Amos or PJ Harvey.  A nice end to a really mature sounding debut.


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