WATERLOO - The band's second album opens with the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest winner and global smash cementing Abba's name in music history.  The timeless classic hit number 1 in the UK and as with most Abba songs is a staple at any party.  Catchy Pop/Dance/Rock , nothing more to say than "class".


SITTING IN THE PALMTREE - Lead vocals by Bjorn on this track, it is a kind of summery almost Reggae Calypso song,  Laid back and engagingly catchy.

KING KONG SONG - Bjorn again joins the Agnetha and Frida for this track's vocals.  This is a brilliant Glam Rock style track.  Catchy chorus and powerful vocals by all, with a really cool melodious chanted chorus.  Could have easily been a single.

HASTA MANANA - Spanish for "Until Tomorrow", this track is a female crooning styled track of old style Pop from the late 50s to early 60s.  Simialr to the female singers of the time like Connie Francis and Brenda Lee, beautifully sung by Agentha here.

MY MAMA SAID - Not a favourite of mine this one, it seems to meander along without a kick.  It's almost hitting a Funk Disco vibe but holding back somewhat.  It would work better with more Funk at the fore I think.  Still its a rarity of an Abba song not to click with me.

DANCE (WHILE THE MUSIC STILL GOES ON) - A song that gives the feel of Phil Spector and his Wall of Sound from the 60s.  Everyone including Benny joins in the vocals on this track.  Its Motown feel and soulful singing make this a great song.

HONEY, HONEY - Classic Europop singalong.  Everyone knows this song, I even thought it was a cover version at the time because it felt like I had heard it many times but it is an Abba composition.  It is light and catchy and Bjorn joins the girls again on this track.


WATCH OUT -  Bjorn takes charge on vocals on this manic Glam Rock/Classic Rock track.  Brilliant track and shows the band were not just a bubblegum Pop outfit as was once claimed by so called music critics.  They cover all genres.

WHAT ABOUT LIVINGSTONE - This track supposedly about explorer David Livinsgstone.  Its a kind of Alternative Country Pop.  It is bright and breezy but not up to the standard of Abba classics.

GONNA SING YOU MY LOVE SONG - A big powerful Pop ballad sung brilliantly by Frida on lead vocals.  Bags of emotion and a great love song.

SUZY-HANG-AROUND - Benny leads this Progressive, Psychedelic Rock styled track.  It is nice and takes you back to the hippie times of the 60s.  Reminds me a little of the Alternative Pop played by The Monkees.

RING RING (U.S. REMIX) - The classic track and title of the previous album remixed for Americans!