ROOM AT THE TOP - The fourth album by Mr Ant has a very different Funk and Dance style.  Aided once again by Marco Pirroni on guitars and previous Prince associate Andre Cymone on "everything else".  There is a distinct Minneapolis vibe going on and as a Prince fan I liked this album.  This lead track is a kind of Funk/Damce/Pop mix, with a great video and memorable chorus this was a good start.  Once again criminally ignored by the UK reaching only number 13!


ROUGH STUFF - Not one of my favourites, it tries to be R n' B a little but the annoying Disco like beat is overpowering.  It is repetitive and seems like Adam really isn't comfortable with this style on this track.

IF YOU KEEP ON -  This is a pretty decent song, a more Pop sound than Dance and has better lyrical content than the previous track.  Its mid tempo half ballad style matched with Ant's various vocals and melodies which work nice together.  Co-written with Kevin Rowland of Dexys Midnight Runners fame.

MANNERS & PHYSIQUE - The title track has a great Funk Pop feel like the opening track, some nice harmonies and the various musical parts are all at the same volume so nothing is overpowered.  A quite catchy chorus and accomplished vocals from Adam make this a winner.

CAN'T SET RULES ABOUT LOVE - Adam has tried ballads before but all with the Ant style.  This is a pure Pop Rock ballad and probably helped him shape the great sounds of the "Wonderful" album later on his career.  This is a beautiful sound, great lyrics and a fine emotional and passionate vocal performance from Adam.  Love this, a favourite of mine.  Ridiculously only reaching 47 on the UK chart.

U.S.S.A. - This track is more like 80s Synth Pop in style with a New Wave Rock kick.  A great hybrid of styles, its quirky and a bit mad as some of Adam's songs are but it works.  Cool track.

BRIGHT LIGHTS BLACK LEATHER - Similar in style with "Rough Stuff" but has a lot more substance.  The chorus isn't as repetitive and there are variations on the vocals and backing track.  It grows on you the more you play it.  As an Antfan I have had many plays of this so I now appreciate it.

PICCADILLY - A more guitar led track with the percussion pushed back a little. This is a great track, more like the Adam we all know.  New Wave Pop Rock from the late 80s.

YOUNG, DUMB & FULL OF IT - One of my favourites from this set, pumping beat and great guitars plus a catchy chorus.  Almost reminds me of the B52's, great quirky Pop Rock.  Class.

ANGER INC. - The final track is like a mid tempo ballad.  A really great track that incorporates the pure Pop of "Strip" and Rock style of "Vive Le Rock".  Again some Antfans were against this album but the best thing about Adam Ant is that he never stayed the same, he tried different things.  That is always a plus for me like my other favourite artists Blondie, Prince, Madonna, even A-ha and Duran Duran matured from pure Pop to a more rockier sound.  Kudos to Adam.