QUEEN - "QUEEN" 1973




KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE - The debut single opens this first album by the band.  It remains the only single not to chart in the UK and was pretty much ignored.   It sounds like an experimental track with many genres intertwined, Glam, Progressive and Hard Rock.  Its still a great track though.


DOING ALRIGHT - A stop-start track in the vein of Meatloaf.  It is an extravagant dramatic operatic style song changing places with aggressive guitar solos at intervals in the song.  It's soft, emotional vocals from Freddie Mercury kind of get lost when the Hard Rock parts kick in.  Not one of my favourites.

GREAT KING RAT - Awesone Classic Rock track, lots of searing guitars and pure rocked up vocals.  Reminds me of very early Europe, its got that raw, live feel.

MY FAIRY KING - Piano, guitars and drums mix that doesn't really hit it for me.  You either do it right like Meat Loaf or not at all.  Its an ok song but nothing great, a little bit too twee for a Rock band.

LIAR - The longest song on the album coming in at just over 6 minutes.  It has all the elements that later made Queen's style but its just off the mark.  It is a decent song but when you hear "Bohemian Rhapsody" you can see the epic track was in their minds even on this debut offering.  A shortened version of this was issued as a single in USA and New Zealand.

THE NIGHT COMES DOWN - An almost Blues Rock track that is unmistakeably Queen.  This has a great "live" sound that almost feeld like a jam.

MODERN TIMES ROCK 'N ROLL - A pure, blazing slice of Heavy Rock akin to AC/DC, Rainbow and the like.  Drummer Roger Taylor takes lead vocals on this track and does a storming job.  Great song.

SON AND DAUGHTER - A lazy, drawn out Blues mixed with Heavy Rock reminding me of Black Sabbath.  Freddie does his best Ozzy Osbourned impression!

JESUS - A basic Rock Opera song that seems a simple composition with overbearing feedback guitar solos overpowering the track to make it likeable.

SEVEN SEAS OF RHYE (Instrumental) - One of my favourite tracks on the second Queen album, this is the instrumental version to finish the debut set.