RUSH - "RUSH" 1974




FINDING MY WAY - The band's debut album consists of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and John Rutsey (soon to leave the band after this album and replaced on drums by the more familiar Neil Peart).  This opening track is atorming intro with a Led Zeppelin style, screeching vocals, searing guitar solos and pulsating drums.  Wake up, Rush are here!The first single from the set failed to chart in the UK.

NEED SOME LOVEThis track is a straight up rocker, with elements of Rock 'n Roll and deep lazy Blues.  More catchy than most Rush songs and has that "radio-friendly" appeal.  It also has a slight Punk vibe.

TAKE A FRIEND - Another catchy track with more Classic Rock leanings and heavy sounding Pop.  I love the ZZ Top style bluesy guitars here.  

HERE AGAIN - An emotional, powerful slow Blues Rock track until about halfway then the guitars get heavier and it ends with a crescendo of Blues, Classic and Progressive Rock.

WHAT YOU'RE DOING - Another Led Zeppelin-inspired track, heavy on the guitar solos and crashing drums with the vocals almost taking second place.  

IN THE MOOD - The second single again failed to chart, which is surprising.  Its pretty much New Wave Pop Rock, wiht a little nod to Glam Rock.  Cool track for me this one.


BEFORE AND AFTER -  This tarts off with a really lush, melodious intro before kicking in the Hard Rock Blues at a frenetic pace at about 2 and a half minutes. 

WORKING MAN - The album ends on one of my favourite Rush tracks. Lyrically it may not be the best but this guitar parts are awesome.  Basically this song encapsulates Rush in one foul swoop.


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