EYE NO -This 10th studio album by Prince addresses the battle between good and evil, Lovesexy and Spooky Electric and tries to justify the Black Album pull put. Lyrically that's what it is about but the musical backing is a mix of Funk, various orchestration, mismatched sounds and various yelps and screams.  This overpowers the actual message.  Not my favourite Prince track and one of the throwaways for me (1 per every genius 10 I might add!)

ALPHABET ST. - The first single from the album is a sparse funky beat with sprinkles of electric guitar solos.  Complete with a Cat Glover rap, the video contains various hidden messages saying basically, "don't buy the Black Album, I'm sorry".  The song actually works and the 12" version is even better.  It is basic and unlike anything else that was around at the time.  It reached number 9 in the UK chart.  Great track.

GLAM SLAM - Another criminally ignored single, only reaching number 29 in the UK chart.  This is one of my favourite tracks, it has elements of Funk, 60s and 70s Progressive Rock and plays out like a mini rock opera.  

ANNA STESIA - An eerie slow ballad with a gospel chant of "love is god, god is love".  The feelings of loneliness are encompassed in this song with the only cure, some company.  The spiritual and mental imagery here comes to light.  I remember at a Maine Road, Manchester concert, 60,000 people sung "love is god, god is love" back to him, includng me, and like me, many were not even religious! Prince had this power in songs to convey emotions you may not know you had.

DANCE ON - Not a favourite of many fans but I love the energy in this track.  A pulsating funky drumbeat with thumping percussion and Classic Rock guitar segements.  A catchy simplistic chorus drives this track to a higher level.

LOVESEXY - The title track is a scorcher, a great favourite of mine.  A Funk Rock track with sexual innuendos, guitar licks, orchestral accompaniment and special effects.  The album recapped in one song, brilliant.

WHEN 2 R IN LOVE - Prince's usual soft and slow seductive ballad.  Beautiful melodies and harmonies support the laid back, sexuality stance of the singer.  The only track here proposed to feature on The Black Album (which everybody eventually bought anyway in some form or another!)

I WISH U HEAVEN - I don't think is a fan's favourite but I quite like it.  It is simple wth a light, lush melody.  It is classic Prince, a short smash of spiritual, uplifting Pop balladry.  I wish it was longer (no pun intended, coming in at 2 minutes 48 seconds it has so much more to give).  The third and last single to be released and made number 24 on the UK chart.

POSITIVITY - I usually like Prince's elongated track, whether they be sexually driven songs or funky workouts.  This track has always dragged on a little too long for me, I get the message and its a perfect bookend with the opening track.  It just fails to grab me in musical form.  A disappointing end to an intriguing album.  The previous track could have been longer and ended the abum on a high, but that is Prince, he does what HE wants, not what you expect!



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