GUNS N' ROSES - "G N' R LIES" 1988


 "G N' R LIES"


RECKLESS LIFE - The opening track to this second album featured on the band's E.P. "Live ?!*@Like A Suicide" along with the next three tracks.  This is a frenetic Classic Rock song with screeching vocals from Axl Rose and its pretty basic cliched rock fare sounding like early AC/DC.  Was a song from Hollywood Rose (the band that would become Guns N' Roses).

NICE BOYS - This is a more Led Zeppelin styled song but with a catchy little chorus of "nice boys don't play rock n' roll!".  I quite like this track even though it is very raw.  This is a cover of Australian band Rose Tattoo's  track.

MOVE TO THE CITY - This is a great Glam Rock/Blues style akin to Marc Bolan/T-Rex.  More accomplished than the previous tracks and more apt to the "Appetite For Destruction" album.


MAMA KIN - A cover of an Aerosmith track.  New Wave Pop Heavy Rock/Pop hybrid.  Another good track.

PATIENCE - The first of 4 new Acoustic tracks and definitely the best of this set.  A classic Rock ballad, one of my favourites along with "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison.  A really emotive vocal from Axl this time and a really lovely rock guitar backing.  The only single from the album and reached number 10 in the UK chart amid Guns N' Roses mania.

USED TO LOVE HER - A kind of Country Rock track that was apparently written as a joke about some guy moaning about his girlfriend.  Its quirky and does have an element of fun, a good laid back song too.

YOU'RE CRAZY - A much faster and more heavy version of this track appears on the debut album, "Appetite For Destruction".  I prefer this version, a more stripped back Acoustic sound gives at an extra boost and you can hear the lyrics more audibly.  Great guitars on this.

ONE IN A MILLION - Caused some controversy when released due to some of the words and references in this track but its a great song.  As a short compilation album to follow the big debut album this isn't a bad effort.


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