KEEP THAT FIRE BURNING - The first track is a little New Wave Punk with the power and angst ridden vocals of The Clash.  Awesome Hendrix-like guitar parts at around the 2 minute mark.  A rockin' Punk masterpiece to open the Irish band's second album.  Its brain busting maddening pace give you a mindblowing intro to this album.  Parts also remind me of Foo Fighters and Green Day.

HAYLEY - A throbbing drumbeat reminding me of Iggy Pop, with vocals from lead singer "Paulie" sounding very much like Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump.  A frenetic pace continues throughout the song with slight hints to Foo Fighters and snippets of Classic Rock.  A little funky Rock Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens Of The Stone Age influences too I suspect too.  Brilliant track with super guitar solos.
INNOCENCE - New Wave Punk, sounding a little like Goo Goo Dolls.  Well crafted track that is becoming a favourite of mine since hearing it.  Melodious and emotive enough to grab you by the ears with a bang.  The chorus reminded me of the UK Indie Rock band Turin Brakes, also has little hints of 90s Grunge.  Has a slightly unusual, quirky last few seconds, that's all I will say!

DON'T LOOK SURPRISED - Almost 80s style Pop Rock base tune with some heavier Rock N' Roll moments.  Some beautiful bright and breezy guitars on this track.  The song reminds me of one of my favourite bands, Stereophonics.  A really cool rocker, top stuff.

WORK IT OUT - Classic Rock meets Progressive Rock.  Sweet little guitar riffs merge with a driving drumbeat.  The ending of the song has a superb crescendo of early 70s style Rock!

LEAVE IN THE MORNIN' - Medium paced Grunge style Rock track.  Its moody backing track links with the melancholic, downbeat nature of the song nicely.  More Hendrix style guitar riffs take it to the end in style.  Also reminds me of "TV Dinners" by ZZ Top with its intentional meandering pace. 

A LOVE LIKE THIS - New Wave Punk with slight Pop Rock elements.  Probably the most radio friendly track on the album.  It is catchy, its got a steady pace and a harmonious tease to less heavier Rock sound based ears!.  Similar to The Calling and Goo Goo Dolls, cracking tune.

BACK SEAT LOVER - An almost heavy Blues Glam Rock track.  This is such a fabulous track.  a little Punk style remains in the form of The Ramones but also the Rock and Roll Glam of The Sweet and Marc Bolan.  

TINY HOUSE - New Wave Pop Rock track that is a little less heavy than some tracks here and has that anthemic, atmospheric feel.  Its mid tempo pace and more focus on the vocals allow the portrayal of emotion.  Really nice track, definitely some Fall Out Boy influence here.  Its a great ballad with a memorable chorus.  Has to be my favourite track on the album along with "Hayley".

TIME TO TO LET IT GO - A spoken intro says "I am a human being god damn it, my life has value".  This Electric Punk track has a lot of experimental feel about it.  Red Hot Chili Peppers spring to mind when hearing this.  It has a little Funk, some awesome Rock guitars and various interspersed spoken and angry vocals.  Pretty much this album in a one song recap.  Great end to an accomplished second set by a band you need to hear now!


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