BABY I DON'T CARE - It was bold, brash, guitar riffs a plenty and Wendy giving her best angry vocal and a massively catchy sing along chorus! Guaranteed to get the party started with crashing guitar Punk Pop.
THE ONLY ONE Elements of Motown and Soul disguised in the throbbing, driving drums and guitars and memorable chorus.  A frenetic Punk Powerpop following on from the album opener, one of my favourites from The Vamp.

LANDSLIDE OF LOVE - A slower song than the previous two.  Again, the Motown and Soul elements were there but more at the forefront.  A really nice song that gives Wendy James chance to let go her sultry, seductive side in the vocals.

FALLING FOR A GOLDMINE - Slow paced soft Blues/Country hybrid with hints of Punk.  Great chilled track.

DOWN ON YOU -  Pure Punk Rock with Wendy snarling her way through the lyrics with pumping drums and guitars and electronics backing her with gusto.

SONG TO THE STARS -  Just under two minutes long and is a little lullaby-esque track.  Wendy is your storyteller singing softly.  Not your usual "Vamp" style indeed!"He saddled a rocket to the stars and let loose the sad in my heart"!
KISS THEIR SONS - Very Heavy Rock/Grunge type track, thudding backing with Wendy growling in a low vocal tone.  Atmospheric electrics, screeching guitars and a mish mash of sounds, reminds me of early Blondie when they did a Punk experimental jam.

BORN TO BE SOLD - Pop Rock style track namechecking various celebrites such as Marilyn Monroe, JFK, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Johnny Rotten and Madonna it was a minimal musical track with some twangy guitars in the style of Country.

PAY THE GHOSTS -  Pop Punk at its best, with hints of 80s Rock and 90s Grunge.

BAD VALENTINE -  Seductive Wendy vocal again, this time almost Marilyn Monroe like.  It is a minimal but engaging Country Blues track that rolls along gently,  another of my favourites.

VELVETEEN - Epic almost 10 minute ending to the album.  In my opinion their best ever track.  It has everything that Transvision Vamp are about.  The various angry, seductive vocals, the Punk styles, Rock guitar riffs and added to electronic ambuience.  More often than not, bands have their own "Bohemian Rhapsody".  This is the Transvision Vamp one! Awesome song to finish the album.


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