BON JOVI - THE ALBUMS 1986 - 1992



LET IT ROCK - Possibly one of the best openers of a record in my opinion.  A huge church organ opening then an explosion of screeching guitars, thumping drums and anthemic chorus paved the way for the new Bon Jovi sound.

YOU GIVE LOVE  A BAD NAME The first single from the album and a teaser of what was to become Bon Jovi's signature sound for the next decade.  Anthemic Rock with screeching guitars, keyboards and pounding drums with Jon Bon Jovi's unmistakeable vocals singing catchy choruses.

LIVIN' ON A PRAYER - Similar to the previous track, real Arena Rock.  Apparently this version is totally different to the original with extra drum fills, bass and the "talk box"!.  Awesome song to really rock out and sing along at the top of your voice!

SOCIAL DISEASE - Not a favourite of mine and a lesser song on this album but it has a lot to compare it to.  Lacks a good enough catchy chorus in my opinion to stand out among the goodies here.

WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE - One of my favourite tracks by the band.  Cowboy song with the hero in question having a gutiar instead of a gun, riding a "steel horse" and with a "loaded six string".  Probably telling the story of the dives and bars that the band played in to learn their trade.  Great harmonies and great Rock twangs and atmosphere.

RAISE YOUR HANDS -  Guaranteed stadium participation but not a particularly great song, it seems a bit mixed up for me.  It chugs along nicely at a pace but the contecnt including lyrics is not that engaging to the rest of the album's classics.

WITHOUT LOVE - To the soppy Rock lover like me has the best of both worlds, similar lyrical emotion to "Never Say Goodbye" but its half ballad/half Rock works superbly and yet another memorable chorus.

I'D DIE FOR YOU - Along with "Social Disease" a lackustre addition to the album. Akin to "Shot Through The Heart" but without a good chorus, it kind of stumbles through to the end like an afterthought filler.  

NEVER SAY GOODBYE - Really lovely song and a romantic Rock classic, Jon really got the emotional vocals to a tee in this one, amazing it only reached 21 in the chart here but I guess the album was in everybody's household by then!  

WILD IN THE STREETS - Brilliant party rocker, singalong chorus and bouncy enthusiasm in abundance!


I BELIEVE - A crash of drums and screeching guitars set off this album nicely that re-invented the band as a quality, mature Rock outfit..  Top notch Hard Rock track that pumps up the volume right from the start.

KEEP THE FAITH - In my opinion one of the band's best ever songs.  The chug-a-chug drumbeat keeps the pace throughout while singer Jon Bon Jovi tests his whole vocal range on the track.  The optimistic, upbeat, positive anthemic chorus and screeching guitar solos are just awesome.  Pure hard Rock N' Roll at its best.

I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD - A brilliant Blues Rock track, its fun, quirky and has a chorus that you just can't help singing along as a matter of fact statement! Enjoy yourselves while alive!

IN THESE ARMS - An emotive Pop Rock song that drives along at a quick pace just enough to cancel out a ballad genre.  Its soulful, passionate and is still a fan favourite at gigs today.  Sheer class.

BED OF ROSES - Another favourite track of mine, emotional and melancholic and a classic Rock power ballad.  Its minimal backing, leaving Jon to carry the song throughout merged with lovely harmonies and melodie make this a really great song.

IF I WAS YOUR MOTHER - Classic Rock meets Grunge track that has an almost Thrash Metal start and includes distorted vocals and a quiet string accompanied snippet.  Another gem.

DRY COUNTY - At almost 10 minutes long this is an epic track.  Showing the new maturity of the band, a far cry from the 80s singalong almost Glam Metal times.  Its just a sophisticated, powerful song that incorporates Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Pop and Blues.  Its a masterpiece in the vein of the classic tracks such as "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Stairway To Heaven" and "November Rain" and should be in that company for sure.  Its an absolute scorcher, everything you want in a Rock song.

WOMAN IN LOVE - This is Bon Jovi revisiting their previous Glam Metal 80s singalong songs.  I love the progression this album took but still love the old classic 80s style!

FEAR - This track is like a New Wave Punk track merging with Classic Rock and Glam Rock.  Not one of my favourites but its still great.

I WANT YOU - Another gorgeous Anthemic Rock ballad, fileld with the usual elements, on a par with "Bed Of Roses" and packs an emotional punch the same.

BLAME IT ON THE LOVE OF ROCK N' ROLL - Glam Rock meets pure Rock N' Roll.  Its fun, catchy and it sounds like the band are having a ball playing it.  Gets your feet tapping and your head bobbing, not to forget to sing at the top of your voice along with Jon.  Brilliant.

LITTLE BIT OF SOUL - A rip roaring Blues Rock jam that ends this great album with another foot stomper.  The slight Country Rock and Rock N' Roll guitar snippets are awesome.  A big favourite of mine.  I guess this take the boys back to the dive bars they started out playing in.


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