"G N' R LIES"


RECKLESS LIFE - The opening track to this second album featured on the band's E.P. "Live ?!*@Like A Suicide" along with the next three tracks.  This is a frenetic Classic Rock song with screeching vocals from Axl Rose and its pretty basic cliched rock fare sounding like early AC/DC.  Was a song from Hollywood Rose (the band that would become Guns N' Roses).

NICE BOYS - This is a more Led Zeppelin styled song but with a catchy little chorus of "nice boys don't play rock n' roll!".  I quite like this track even though it is very raw.  This is a cover of Australian band Rose Tattoo's  track.

MOVE TO THE CITY - This is a great Glam Rock/Blues style akin to Marc Bolan/T-Rex.  More accomplished than the previous tracks and more apt to the "Appetite For Destruction" album.

MAMA KIN - A cover of an Aerosmith track.  New Wave Pop Heavy Rock/Pop hybrid.  Another good track.

PATIENCE - The first of 4 new Acoustic tracks and definitely the best of this set.  A classic Rock ballad, one of my favourites along with "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison.  A really emotive vocal from Axl this time and a really lovely rock guitar backing.  The only single from the album and reached number 10 in the UK chart amid Guns N' Roses mania.

USED TO LOVE HER - A kind of Country Rock track that was apparently written as a joke about some guy moaning about his girlfriend.  Its quirky and does have an element of fun, a good laid back song too.

YOU'RE CRAZY - A much faster and more heavy version of this track appears on the debut album, "Appetite For Destruction".  I prefer this version, a more stripped back Acoustic sound gives at an extra boost and you can hear the lyrics more audibly.  Great guitars on this.

ONE IN A MILLION - Caused some controversy when released due to some of the words and references in this track but its a great song.  As a short compilation album to follow the big debut album this isn't a bad effor



RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO HELL - A riotous Punk rocker, akin to Sex Pistols and The Damned etc, its raw speedy energy surely gave the pogo dancers a bit of a surprise!

DUST N' BONES - Mid tempo Blues Rock number that has a very slight Country tone but also midway through Axl Rose does his best horror snarl that reminds me of Ozzy, Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson!

LIVE AND LET DIE - This cover of the Paul McCartney and Wings song blasts away the original in my opinion.  Just absoultely brilliant.
DON'T CRY - Lush original version of this Rock ballad which is similar in vein to "Patience", nice.

PERFECT CRIME - Reminds me of Iron Maiden, its manic and its two and a half minutes of energetic Rock with a hint of pure Metal.

YOU 'AIN'T THE FIRST -  A goodbye to a lover who obviously was not a favourite when you listen to the lyrics! Basically the girl was a temporary lover and not the first and also that she will be thought of while the guy is "deep down inside" with another lover, use your imagination for that line! Don't be fooled by the almost mono Country Folk bright, light and happy backing!

BAD OBSESSION - Think of Marc Bolan and T-Rex or early David Bowie.  Complete with slide guitars, harmonica and Country style Rock, its a GNR foot tapper!

BACK OFF BITCH - Pure AC/DC soundalike, a real Heavy Rock masterblaster!
DOUBLE TALKIN' JIVE -  Similar to "You Could Be Mine" on "Use Your Illusion 2" from the Terminator 2 soundtrack.  Almost muffled singing and frenetic music backing with added movie like talking parts.  Very Progressive Rock type song.

NOVEMBER RAIN -  Superb Slash solo, a song of epic proportions and sad and romantic at the same time, orchestras, piano, the ultimate rock ballad.  Sheer class. The Roses' "Bohemian Rhapsody".

THE GARDEN - Like a Horror movie backdrop, very Alice Cooper, (ideal as this features the great man) lots of deep snarling by Axl amidst searing guitars.

GARDEN OF EDEN  -  A crazy fast paced Punk Rock track which also incorporates some 70s style riffs and chants on the chorus.

DON'T DAMN ME -  Half classic GNR, half Iggy and The Stooges imitation, not one of my favourites, doesn't really work for me.

BAD APPLES -  Pure Rock N' Roll which I have heard similar by Bon Jovi and Def Leppard, an almost Blues backing complete with guitar solos a plenty.  Great track.

DEAD HORSE -  Iron Maiden meets AC/DC, classic GNR, more Glam Rock than usual.

COMA -  A fitting last track that sums up the whole album as there are bits of everything in this 10 minute epic.  Some Bowie, some Alice Cooper, some T-rex and ending with AC/DC and Iron Maiden!  Their influences are seen in this track for all to see but the fact that they could intersperse these together is testimony to their songwriting and musical ability.



CIVIL WAR - The second album in the "Use Your Illusion" twinset opens with this fourth single that reached number 11 in the UK chart.  A melancholic, poignant yet powerful Rock track is a brilliant peace anthem.

14 YEARS - A hard rockin' Blues track with Izzy Stradlin and singer Axl Rose sharing the vocals at times.  A guitar driven track merging with piano in a blistering partnership,

YESTERDAYS - Yet another anthemic ballad from the band with some lush, emotive guitar from Slash.  The third single released from the album reaching number 8 in the UK chart.  Classic and one of my favourites to sing along to.

KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR - Released as the second single from this set it reached number 2 on the UK chart.  Once again (like "Live And Let Die" on the "...Illusion I" album) the cover sounds better than the original.  Brilliant track.

GET IN THE RING - Apparently "notorious" for the amount of swearing in this track, its Guns N' Roses do people expect Ed Sheeran-like banality?.  Anyway, this is a kind of Punk-esque track, frenetic and angry.  Rolls along at a pace throughout, not a bad song but not one of my favourites.

SHOTGUN BLUES - This is an unusual one, not sure if its meant to be Punk, Glam Rock or Blues.  It has all those elements, a pretty basic track and filler for me.

BREAKDOWN - Awesome Hard Rock/Classic Rock hybrid, coming it an epic 7 plus minutes.  A mix of "Paradise City" and "November Rain" which is no bad thing.  Great track.

PRETTY TIED UP (The Perils of Rock n' Roll Decadence) - This track is half snarling Sex Pistols and half Psychedelic T-Rex.  Another gem.

LOCOMOTIVE (Complicity) - Another epic track at over 8 minutes long, this is a fabulous mix of many genres.  Psychedelic, Classic, Punk, Gothi, Glam and Progressive Rock could all be claimed here.  One of those experimental tracks that works brilliantly.  Magical song.

SO FINE - A straight up Pop Rock slow ballad with surely a nod to Steven Tyler's Aerosmith.  Nice track and break from the hard rock relentless pace of the album.

ESTRANGED - An almost ten minute rock opera and the final part of the "November Rain" video trilogy with "Don't Cry" prededing that track.  This is big, anthem-like and pure Rock indulgence and it is magnificent.

YOU COULD BE MINE - The debut single from this album and featured in the film, "Terminator 2:Judgment Day" .  The video of course features Arnold Schwarzenegger and the track reached number 3 in the UK chart.  It is a mega track, guitar solos, catchy chorus and pounding drums.  Superb track.

DON'T CRY - This is the alternate lyrics version of the track on the "...Illusion I" album. 

MY WORLD - A one and a half minute repetitive track with effects and various sexual groans and sighs.  A weird way to end a solid album but its Guns N' Roses, and they do what they like!.


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