SCRIPT FOR A JESTER'S TEAR - The opening track of a great debut album of six epic tracks.  This Rock experiment filled song begins gently and then gives us a whimsical almost Nursery Rhyme style backing before launching into dramatic guitars and pounding drumbeat increasing in intensity and power.  Named Neo-Progressive Rock, Marillion's style of  music has elements of all genres of Rock music and this track ticks all boxes!

HE KNOWS YOU KNOW - A slow almost Pop Rock track changes after some angry, anguished vocals from lead singer Fish before the 2 and a half minute mark when the glorious anthemic guitar solos and faster drumbeats kick in.  The Medieval style vocals and chants are here that make it just a little more awesome.

THE WEB -  A slow to mid tempo Rock ballad, with some awesome keyboard and guitar solos.  More Electronic Rock than the previous two tracks but no less anthemic.  A variety of Fish vocals complement the unsusual array of backing instruments superbly.  

GARDEN PARTY - The magnificent second single in all its full glory of 7 minutes plus.  A fabulous melody throughout, sometimes portrayed by guitars and drums and then keyboards.  The "pom pom pom" pounding drumbeat and guitar on the verses is superb.  This is a pure Classic Rock/Progressive Rock.  The song that introduced me to Marillion and kept me enthralled until Fish left the band.

CHELSEA MONDAY - A typical Progressive Rock ballad, the slow tempo and atmospheric, dramatic sound backs up Fish's emotive vocals in excellent fashion.  A classy piece of Rock and sounds even better in headphones, the sound encompasses you.

FORGOTTEN SONS - The album ends with lots of effects, eerie chants, screams and various dialogue over a similar backing to Garden Party at one point.  The track alters its tempo throughout and is a very experimental and strange track.  There are Classic Rock elements but its mostly quite weird.  Still, it ends a pretty fantastic debut album.



ASSASSING - The band's second studio album opens with their second single from the set.  It reached number 22 in the UK chart.  A big and brash anthemic track that combines their unique Progressive style with Classic Rock and a pounding drumbeat.  A powerful chorus and various vocals in his own inimitable style from Fish.  A brilliant track and a big favourite of mine.

PUNCH AND JUDY - The debut single from this album that reached number 29 on the UK chart.  This is a more familiar modern Progressive Rock track with its medieval styled backing.  Still has a catchy chorus but its not as radio-friendly as the opening track but a classic to Marillion fans.

JIGSAW - A lovely slow ballad kicking into a mini Progressive Rock opera.  So many changes in the song and vocals make this a brilliant experimental 6 minute jam.  Keeps you captivated to the last.

EMERALD LIES - A mild, sprinkling soft intro until just after two minutes in when it kicks off into eeriness.  The dark, weird backing threw me off this track, it had started so nice.  Not a favourite.

SHE CHAMELEON - Soft vocals from Fish throughout with screeching guitars giving it a very Gothic Rock vibe.

INCUBUS - A variety of angry and calm vocals front an indulgent and uninspiring slow Progressive Rock backing, and at 8 minutes plus this is far too long to keep my attention.

FUGAZI - A great epic Rock trip to finish the album.  With spoken parts, effects and a pounding backing with hints of Progressive, Classic and Gothic Rock.  Superb end to the album with a little of everything that was Fish's Marillion.


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