HORIZON - The first track of the album gives you a bright start to your listening pleasure.  A strong 80s vibe is captured here, in the style of a U2/Simple Minds hybrid while encompassing a great Electronic Rock sound.  It's a mid tempo track but its one of those songs that would be awesome in a huge arena, anthemic Rock at its best.

A NEW START - Almost Psychedelic with a little Progressive Rock, this track gives us guitars in a medieval stye.  The ambience of the echoes and effects give a real 70s feel.  As with most of Kevin's songs this has a surprising diversion, at around 2 minutes 40 there is a small instrumental interlude has a distinctive Electronic Synth Pop element. 

SWEET THING - A light, lilting song in a slow almost Folk Blues style is a very nice, relaxing listen.  At 1 minute 40 comes another surprise as there's a move into early 70s Classic Rock before easing back into the song's usual style.  Nice harmonies make this an enjoyable cool Summer track.

FOREVER I DO - A sweet Rock ballad with heartfelt lyrics and emotive guitar parts and vocals.  A nice sing along chorus gives the song another "hit" contender nomination and it also reminds me of the band Yes. 
EVERY ROAD - More anthemic epic Rock with the U2/Simple Minds style as the 80s Pop Rock infuence can be heard as with the opening track "Horizon".  Oh and yes there is another Kevin Gullickson surprise in this track too.  At 2 minutes comes a segment where you think its going to end in a crescendo but then it stops as quickly as it came in and returns back to the song's original composition to finish.  Such a tease are Radio Drive!

HEY BULLDOG - This is a cover of The Beatles' track and as I was unfamiliar with it I looked it up.  This is a great cover version, if not better than the original purely for the better production.  It certainly takes you back to the 60s beat groups era.  The guitar solos within the song sound alittle heavier to me, which is probably why I like it.  More Rock than the original.

TIME TO RISE - Great Electronic Rock song with elements of Psychedelic, Classic and Progressive Rock.  My favourite on the album and could be a massive hit as well as a little of a Rock anthem! The echoes on this track give it a great "live" feel and pure sound, the guitars sound amazing.  A 60s style hippie interlude is also included at around 2 minutes 20 just in case you miss the Radio Drive surprises!

LIFE AS IT SHOULD BE - A piano led slow Pop Rock ballad with a little guitar solo at 3 minutes 11 thrown in for good measure.  Has a 60s and 70s feel and a very stylish, cool track.  It also reminds me of the 80s bands The Adventures and The Icicle Works, with great emotive vocals and an intellectual Rock feel.  Great song!

WAITING - Ambient sounds merge into a great Pop Rock track, with all the elements of the previous tracks.  Many genres included in just this one song and it kind of sums up the whole album.  With all the effects, echoes and vocal harmonies this is great to end the album.  Basically, what you just heard is a bit of everything, a creative tour de force.



FIRST TIME - The opening track of the album is a scorcher, driving beats and full on electro guitars.  A mix of Prince, Rush and The Stone Roses it catches the ears instantly.  The brilliant chorus crescendo is almost as simple as Roxette, catchy Pop chorus ahead of a wall of sound that is heavy and rocky as hell.  Class start.

COME WITH ME - A gentle start but then guitars leap in with some heavy drums.  It has an almost Glam Rock feel with a real late 60s and 70s Psychedelic Classic Rock style.  Another gem following on from the opener, what a banging start!

MOVING ON - A very slight drop in tempo but no less quality.  The vocals have a kind of Folk/Americana vibe fronting a funky early 90s Madchester Indie Rock rhythm.  Just after the 2 minute mark the real funky interlude continues and again reminds me of The Stone Roses, atmospheric with a couple of spoken effects to break it up.  Really, really cool. Bright and breezy, good feeling Indie Rock.


LIFE - A more melancholic sound here, the sombre, deep drumbeat and mystical Progressive Rock guitars and keyboards make this a gem.  Surely a hint of Rush influence here again, Electro Rock at its best. Also has a hint of the band Yes in their heyday.  It's tempo is slower than the previous tracks but still powerful.

TAKE HOLD - This New Wave track has a positive vibe with vocalist Kevin Gullickson singing "Keep your head up". It is uplifting and emotive but in a feel good way.  It brings back memories of early Blondie and The Cars and also a little mid 80s Pop Rock.  Another great track.

I HAVE A VOICE - "I have a voice I will be heard" sings Kevin in this slower tempo Rock ballad.  A little Progressive Rock, Classic Rock and an inspirational Prince-esque guitar solo to finish, which I wished was longer.  It is an epic track with a few hints to Rush, Marillion, and of course Prince as I mentioned.  Radio Drive have this ability to incorporate many genres that grab you like, "this reminds me of.." yet it's completely unique.


ONE LIFE TO GIVE - A very unusual track mixing a little of everything.  For the couple of minutes or so you think this is a New Wave, almost Synth Pop track.  Then the noise level rises and it turns into a big, brash Grunge epic, then slows down to a little Country Blues/Americana.  It's not finished yet, another searing Prince- like guitar solo to finish off in pure Rock mode.  Genius.  One of my favourites from the band.

WHAT WENT WRONG - A moody, melancholic track with anthemic effects.  This is a straight up Rock ballad, emotional guitars abound and the orchestral sound in the background.  This is Radio Drive's "November Rain".  Fabulous epic track, engaging and heartstring puller for the whole near 6 minutes.  

UNDER THE MILKY WAY - The longest track on the album coming in at 6 minutes 40 seconds and ends the album on a high.  A New Wave/Alternative Punk track, Kevin at times sounding a little like Iggy Pop.  A pumping beat with downbeat, moody vocals including some screeching guitars for good measure.  A great finale to a really good album, why are this band not bigger around the globe?.



IT'S WHO I AM - A bright and breezy opening track, a kind of Country Blues/Rock hybrid.  It reminds me a little of Tom Petty.  Great little guitar solo at 2 minutes in.  It's got a great beat medium paced beat to it and has a catchy chorus.  Great start to the set.

IN THE NOW - A slight drop in pace for this one, a little Indie Pop Rock with some well placed peaceful sounding "ooh oohs" for good measure. It has leanings towards New Wave with possible hints to bands like The Cars.  

GIVING THE BEST - This track ups the tempo and power with an Indie Rock sound with hints of 60s Psychedelia.  This makes me think of The Police in the late 80s and to a lesser extent, Yes.  It has such a great "live" pure sound this one.  

NO TIME TO STAY - Kevin Gullickson has this knack of changing the genres all over the place which is refreshing.  Radio Drive is not a one trick pony! This is a brilliant track consisting of some Indie, 90s Grunge and also a little Madchester hinting to The Stone Roses.  Love this one.

WHAT YOU KNOW - A melancholy Pop Rock track with some lovely Acoustic guitar parts.  Its a calming, moody track with a positive vibe despite the slow pace of the track.  Great song.

LET MY LOVE BE THE PROOF - Atmospheric Rock ballad, super sweet vocals from Kevin and a big, brash, steady, orchestrated style backdrop.  Arena Rock at its best.  This is a storming track.


THANK YOU - This is a brilliant track, another Rock ballad like the previous track but this time sounding a ittle more Psychedelic 60s style.  Think The Beatles with the quirkiness of The Monkees added to Guns N' Roses at their balladic best.  Such a nice listen and another gem.

THE OTHER SIDE - A slow, moody beat and equally sombre orchestrated accompaniment.  It is almost Eastern sounding and the passionate vocals from Kevin unite the composition.  Another track that sounds positive with the melancholic backing track.  A catchy little chorus too.  

YOU HELD ME - This track also reminds me of Yes with its big Electronic Rock sound. The slow pace lifts as we go through the song and it does remind me of the 80s quite a lot.  Kevin really flexes his vocals in this song and it shows how talented this guy is.

IN MY DREAMS TONIGHT - The final original track of the album is a beautiful little piano led ballad.  Emotional vocals from Kevin front the delightful backing making this a really lovely listen to end a fine album once again.


LET MY LOVE BE THE PROOF (Reprise)/YOU HELD ME (Reprise)/IN MY DREAMS TONIGHT (Reprise) - Even more stripped back versions of these three tracks giving an extra dimension and alternative listen.


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