FAITH - Reaching number 2 in the UK chart, this minimal Rockabilly styled track opens this debut album, although it is debatable (or obvious) that Wham! was essentially George's baby albeit accompanied by Andrew Ridgeley in some small way. This was a short, sharp funky track with just guitar, bass and basic percussion (apart from the cathedral organ at the intro) and allowed George to carry the song with the vocals.

FATHER FIGURE - This single reached number 11 in the UK chart and is a Pop ballad of sorts with a slight drumbeat and had some mystical Asian infuence in parts and Gospel in the big chorus.  An emotional song and shows the more mature side of George, making the "Young Guns" days seem very far away.


I WANT YOUR SEX (Parts 1 + 2 ) - This Funk infused Disco track is a gem and reminded me much of my idol Prince in its sexy rhythm and almost lascivious lyrics.  Banned in some media outlets but it is a great slice of Pop Funk.  It is cool and nobody thought Michael would ever be so blatantly sexually overt in his music.  Class. It reached number 3 in the UK chart as the first single from the album.  The first part is funky the second part is pure Pop.

ONE MORE TRY - Almost 6 minutes of Soul vocals from Michael. It has emotion and is a nice song but it drags a little for me.  Not one of my favourites.  It did reach number 8 in the UK chart, one of many singles released from the album.

HARD DAY - This track is another genre on the album, a kind of soft Electro Funk.  It has elements of Synth Pop, and a various aray of vocals.  Again not one of my favourites, the idea is cool and it has some engaging elements but not enough to muster a star rating I'm afraid.  It was good to see Michael experimenting though.

HAND TO MOUTH - A mid tempo Electronic Pop track, lyrically showing Michael is socially aware.  "I believe in the gods of America, I believe in the land of the free" he sings while telling the plight of a crazy gunman and a hooker with a baby.  Mature track lyrically and interesting enough to keep listening.

LOOK AT YOUR HANDS - A brilliant mix of styles with some Blues, Jazz and Funk elements.  This is one of my favourites of George Michael's back catalogue.  It is experimental but works this time unlike "Hard Day" which failed to lift off.

MONKEY - A single similar in vein to "I Want Your Sex" with its Prince style funky backing. A dance oriented track reaching number 13 in the UK chart.  This is back to the radio friendly catchy chorus song that you just can't help but like.  A great song, similar to the Michael Jackson style on "Bad".


KISSING A FOOL - Ending the album on a pure and emotional Jazz number with a hint of Blue Eyed Soul and full of sophistication.  This is mature George and he has paved the way with this album to the extraordinary career he endured as a talented and revered songwriter and artist.



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