CHRISTOPHER TRACY'S PARADE - This album is also the soundtrack to Prince's second movie "Under The Cherry Moon".  This opening track is a whimsical almost fairgound sounding intro to his character.  It pretty much carries on the Psychedelic style of the previous album "Around The World In A Day"

NEW POSITION - A mainly percussive track with Prince basically saying his woman needs a "new position", which we can all guess in what manner! As with a few of these tracks this is experimental and would appear fleetingly over scenes in the film.

I WONDER U - A repetitive vocal fronts a strange percussive backing with a little guitar twinkling sporadically.  For some reason this album is a lot of Prince's fans' favourite, but it lacks quality songs in my opinion and is a soundtrack album with a few gems.

UNDER THE CHERRY MOON - The title of the film and actually I quite like this track.  The first track to near 3 minutes and its a lazy, jazzy kind of number that keeps the listener engaged.

GIRLS & BOYS - The first of the "gems" I have previously referred to.  One of my favourite Prince tracks.  A neat slice of Funk with Eric Leeds' starring on saxophone.  Marie France seduces in French while Prince attempts a short rap.  Classy track.  Reached number 11 in the UK chart and was the fourth single to be released.


LIFE CAN BE SO NICE - Another experimental track that is repetitive and serves as a "filler" of sorts.

VENUS DE MILO - A short but beautifully played piano led piece.

MOUNTAINS - One of my favourites and a great track, the10 minute extended version is even better. This second single ridiculously only reached number 45 in the UK chart.  Another criminally ignored Prince track, surprising after the success of "Kiss".  It has Pop and Funk elements as well as some orchestral parts courtesy of Clare Fischer, more sax from Eric Leeds and trumpet from Atlanta Bliss.  Genius.

DO U LIE? - The character Christopher Tracy is a funny guy and this is a humorous, sarcastic song which is funny if you have seen the film. If you haven't this is just more experimental Prince!

KISS - The first single to be released from this album reached number 6 in the UK chart.  Its minimal, brash and sexy Funk charmed listeners who didn't know what to expect after the previous album.  Classic Prince.

ANOTHERLOVERHOLENYOHEAD - The third single released and only reaching number 36 on the UK chart.  Its singalong chorus and lazy Funk style is a hit with Prince fans and is one of my favourite tracks.  

SOMETIMES IT SNOWS IN APRIL - A beloved ballad and it has become more so since the death of Prince in 2016.  The line "Tracy died..." resonates with fans as they know who Tracy was.  Its a beautiful, soulful and emotional ballad.  Its up there with "Purple Rain" and "Still Would Stand All Time" for me.


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