IRRESISTIBLE U ARE - Album opener, a sweet almost lullaby short song, gorgeous harmonies and sweet vocals with an Eastern feel and childlike kaleidoscope backing.

INTENSE - The most angry and most Rock song on the album, very Alanis Morissette, would not be out of place on Alanis' own "Jagged Little Pill".  Great song.

I AM, I FEEL - This was the track that got me hooked, as a fan of Wendy and Lisa (part of Prince's Revolution band), this track did remind me of their beautiful harmonies and melodies and the vocals had a hint of Alanis Morissette's croaky angry vocals, a class song.

INDESTRUCTIBLE - A mesh of Spice Girls and Sneaker Pimps with Kelli Ali, ambient sounds and almost psychedelic backing.

ALISHA RULES THE WORLD -  This title track had elements of Motown, pure Pop and was a little like The Bangles, great song.

WHITE ROOM - 70s Psychedelic track with almost Cyndi Lauper-like vocals, a driving rhythm complete with echoed harmonies, also has hints of Prince's Rock Funk.
STONE IN MY SHOE - Very nice ballad, similar to the opener "Irresistible U Are" with sweet, breathy, almost whispered vocals until the catchy chorus.  Reminds me a little of Madonna's "Dear Jessie" in its composition. 

PERSONALITY LINES -  A 50 second 80s Electronic Pop track, starting with a telephone ringing and obviously slating the chat line industry in a humorous little dig.

I WON'T MISS YOU - A Rock track complete with a  few "na na na na" angry chants and is a Garbage/B-52s hybrid, love this as the vocals are to the fore and its Electronic Rock at its best.

THE GOLDEN RULE -  Another short snippet at just over a minute, an almost mono track with a kind of Swing/Jazz feel and comes with obligatory "doo doo" moments. Fun track.

JUST THE WAY U LIKE IT - This is a lot like Prince, a minimal funky Pop backing and sensual breathy vocals, a touch of class.

AIR WE BREATHE - A lovely track, Belinda Carlisle meets Susanna Hoffs, atmospheric at times, almost Trance backing but a brilliant Pop song, complete with minimal guitars to make it a rocky ballad.

ADORE U - Ends the album and is also covered with a Prince influence.  A quiet start building into a crescendo of chorus at the end.  The Electronic backing is similar to the sounds Prince was using for his 1999/Purple Rain era.  Great track to end a great album.


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