CIVIL WAR - The second album in the "Use Your Illusion" twinset opens with this fourth single that reached number 11 in the UK chart.  A melancholic, poignant yet powerful Rock track is a brilliant peace anthem.

14 YEARS - A hard rockin' Blues track with Izzy Stradlin and singer Axl Rose sharing the vocals at times.  A guitar driven track merging with piano in a blistering partnership,

YESTERDAYS - Yet another anthemic ballad from the band with some lush, emotive guitar from Slash.  The third single released from the album reaching number 8 in the UK chart.  Classic and one of my favourites to sing along to.

KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR - Released as the second single from this set it reached number 2 on the UK chart.  Once again (like "Live And Let Die" on the "...Illusion I" album) the cover sounds better than the original.  Brilliant track.

GET IN THE RING - Apparently "notorious" for the amount of swearing in this track, its Guns N' Roses do people expect Ed Sheeran-like banality?.  Anyway, this is a kind of Punk-esque track, frenetic and angry.  Rolls along at a pace throughout, not a bad song but not one of my favourites.

SHOTGUN BLUES - This is an unusual one, not sure if its meant to be Punk, Glam Rock or Blues.  It has all those elements, a pretty basic track and filler for me.

BREAKDOWN - Awesome Hard Rock/Classic Rock hybrid, coming it an epic 7 plus minutes.  A mix of "Paradise City" and "November Rain" which is no bad thing.  Great track.

PRETTY TIED UP (The Perils of Rock n' Roll Decadence) - This track is half snarling Sex Pistols and half Psychedelic T-Rex.  Another gem.

LOCOMOTIVE (Complicity) - Another epic track at over 8 minutes long, this is a fabulous mix of many genres.  Psychedelic, Classic, Punk, Gothi, Glam and Progressive Rock could all be claimed here.  One of those experimental tracks that works brilliantly.  Magical song.

SO FINE - A straight up Pop Rock slow ballad with surely a nod to Steven Tyler's Aerosmith.  Nice track and break from the hard rock relentless pace of the album.

ESTRANGED - An almost ten minute rock opera and the final part of the "November Rain" video trilogy with "Don't Cry" prededing that track.  This is big, anthem-like and pure Rock indulgence and it is magnificent.

YOU COULD BE MINE - The debut single from this album and featured in the film, "Terminator 2:Judgment Day" .  The video of course features Arnold Schwarzenegger and the track reached number 3 in the UK chart.  It is a mega track, guitar solos, catchy chorus and pounding drums.  Superb track.

DON'T CRY - This is the alternate lyrics version of the track on the "...Illusion I" album. 

MY WORLD - A one and a half minute repetitive track with effects and various sexual groans and sighs.  A weird way to end a solid album but its Guns N' Roses, and they do what they like!.


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