WE CRY - A smooth, gentle opening track.  A little R n' B/Pop style similar to Justin Timberlake.  Emotive vocals with semi-hip hop vocals from singer Danny O'Donoghue.  Its an unusual debut single and track from a Pop Rock band but its cool.

BEFORE THE WORST - Similar in style to the likes of David Gray, its laid back style verses lead into a pumped up chorus.  Best described as Soul with an Indie element.

TALK YOU DOWN - This is a great song, a little more uptempo from the previous two songs.  With its radio friendly Pop Rock style and the catchy chorus its surprising it wasn't a bigger hit in the UK.  Reminds me a little of Snow Patrol.

THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVED - Absolutely love this song, this was the one that caught my ears.  The band's second single and its just a beautifully constructed, emotional, laid back Pop Rock ballad.  This classy song has a nice video too!

BREAKEVEN -  With bare bones Acoustic segments and some great vocals, this has a memorable chorus and melodies.  Funky at times but more a mid tempo Pop Rock ballad.  Another favourite of mine.

RUSTY HALO - This is really unusual, it has an 80s feel, New Romantic Electronica, starts of with a Ska-like Madness intro and proceeeds to cross 80s genres.  An experimental gem.

THE END WHERE I BEGIN - A sweet Acoustic Pop ballad for the most part.  Anthemic vocals at points with semi-raps and vocals not dissimialr to Bono.  This band sure aren't afraid of experimenting with different techniques.  Very brave on a debut set.

FALL FOR ANYTHING - Another Pop and R n' B hybrid that fails to ignite with me, there is just something missing that it doesn't grab and keep my attention like the other tracks.

IF YOU SEE KAY - This is a little Reggae, a little Soul and a little Motown R n B.  The range of Danny's vocals is quite unusual.  Even on this song he sounds like Michael Jackson, David Gray and any other American R n' B vocalists.
I'M YOURS - This is a soft, emotional Acoustic Rock ballad, as a lover of Red Hot Chili Peppers, this reminds me of one of their slow tracks.  Real nice.

ANYBODY THERE - A Broadway musical type track, orchestra sounds and crooner-esque vocals from Danny.  Its nice and relaxing but not sure it matches the rest of the album.  The band seemingly like to experiment so they get no argument from me for trying new genres, better to be open to ideas than be a one trick pony.


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