SWEET ANGEL - Opening like a soft ballad but building into a Bon Jovi style crescendo after the one minute mark.  Great Rock Pop with a little U2-esque instrumental break in the middle.  I can definitely hear a Goo Goo Dolls influence, being a fan of the band.  Its about unconditional support and love from his parents throughout his life, everybody needs a sweet angel to stop them from falling.

FACE THE CROWD -  Kicks off with a pumping plucking guitar and drumbeat which for some reason reminds me of Van Halen.  Then it powers into a great Pop Rock track similar to the likes of Glass Tiger and Goo Goo Dolls with a little Berlin thrown in! It builds up to a blistering catchy chorus that I have to say, I was soon singing along to!

HOLD YOU CLOSE - Alexis' promise to his own children that he will never break and hopefully give the same support and guidance his parents gave to him.  This track is a sweet, lilting Acoustic Pop ballad with a Country twang.  Alexis' soulful voice reminds me of one of his infuences, the late George Michael.  The song is filled with emotion and says "don't let anyone take your dreams, stay true to you".

RULE THE WORLD (Featuring Danielle Stears) - A powerful, inspiring and uplifting Rock ballad featuring a duet with West End leading lady, Danielle Stears.  Her voice reminds me of Cher in her Rock phase and Alexis' vocal is similar to Jon Bon Jovi.  If you can imagine a duet between these two stars then you will love this.  Classic Rock anthemic ballad.

SAVE ME - An Acoustic Rock Pop ballad, emotive and with Alexis' heartfelt vocals takes me back to some of George Michael's classic slow tempo tracks on the albums "Faith" and "Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1".  Another uplifting track and showcases Alexis' fine vocals on centre stage.

DON'T LET IT GO - Another surprise, this is funky Pop Punk akin to Fall Out Boy and some of the 80s classic New Wave Punk bands.  Great track, love this, showing that this guy is no one trick pony.  This powers through for the whole track and keeps you head bobbing and your foot tapping! Brilliant.

HOME (Featuring Liv Austen) - Guest vocalist here is Norwegian singer songwriter Liv Austen.  This is a gorgeous song.  It's a little Folk, a little Country and a little Rock duet that is atmospheric and fabulous.  Total chill out, beautiful harmonies, it's just a lovely song.  I defy you not to keep playing this once you have heard it.  Definitely my favourite on the album.  Should be a single.

ROAD TO REDEMPTION - Superb Classic Rock track, almost bluesy Bon Jovi style.  Fuse the New Jersey boys with some funky Red Hot Chili Peppers and you have this fantastic track..  Searing guitars with a stomping beat similar to the "Keep The Faith" style of Jon and the boys.  Yet another catchy chorus.

THE LUCKY ONES - Piano led Pop ballad, again similar in vein to George Michael.  Lovely vocals from Alexis, giving his vocals the full echo effect to power out that emotion in the lyrics.  Ballads, funk, rock, pop, punk? Is there nothing this man can't do? Top stuff.

NO ORDINARY GIRL - Goo Goo Dolls meets Foreigner.  Another catchy chorus, which shows Alexis' keen ear for a hook and also his lyric writing talent.  As a lyricist and writer myself I always listen hard to to the lyrics and this guy knows how to write a song. This track glides along nicely then bursts into a powerful singalong chorus.  Great end to a great debut offering!


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