YOU'RE THE REASON I DRINK - Sara Zebley and Hayley Prosser are Steel Blossoms bringing the Country back with their self titled album.  The opening track is a jaunty, happy number that belies its pretty harsh lyrics about becoming an alcoholic thanks to a lover! These ladies kick it hard Country style but they aren't afraid of provocative lyrics.  Great opening track of classic old style Country.


REVENGE - Such a beautiful track,  almost a 60s style Progressive Rock track. There is an element of Gothic imagery with the melancholic, moody stance.  The vocals are exquisite with such emotion and its a diverse change from the opening track.  Very cool.


TRAILER NEIGHBOR - This track takes us back to Country and a quirky, humorous description of the gossiping trailer neighbour.  Its funny and a bright song with a sweet chorus and great melodies.

COUNTY LINE - Another slower tempo track, and another gorgeously sung song.  It has an almost Blues feel and hints at Americana.  This is an exceptional track and I really love this.  Emotional and poignant and cool.

PICK ME UP - Pure Country Blues for this track, its catchy chorus and upbeat backing give this a great feel.  Some awesome guitar work here.

INNOCENT - A sparse musical backing accompanies lovely emotive vocals.  A Country Pop ballad with bags of melancholy, reminding me of Olivia Newton-John in her 70s Country phase.

YOU 'AIN'T SLEEPING OVER - A lover isn't sleeping over unless a ring is put on the lady's finger! This is an uptempo straight up twangy Country number and remind me of some of Leann Rimes' early work.  Love it.

HEROINE - This really lovely ballad tells the heartbreaking story of a drug addiction.  It is brutal in its lyrics but its composition is really lovely and poignant. Steel Blossoms give it you straight.

KILLED A MAN - Country Pop at its best hinting at the style of Dixie Chicks.  Another gem in this set from these talented ladies.

KENTUCKY'S NEVER BEEN THIS FAR FROM TENNESSEE - This album finishes at it began with a traditional Country ballad.  Lamenting a lover being far away and being missed this is a beautifully sung track with that "pure live" sound coming out from the speakers.  Great album.



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