Friday, 15 February 2019


Blair is a British singer-songwriter who has released 4 albums to date, "Blight And Blossom" in 2012, followed by "House Of Jacks" in 2014 and the 2016 release "Gilded".  Latest album "Notes From An Island" was released in 2018.  Following his debut, the quality of the recordings prompting BBC Radio 2 to give him the Horizon Award at the Folk awards in 2013.  Also, in 2005 Blair played the young Willy Wonka in the highly successful film starring Johnny Depp.  A singer and guitarist he gives a mainstream, alternative Folk sound.


Blair in a short time as a solo artist has established himself as a rare talent in Folk circles and has toured around the globe to rave reviews.  A talented songwriter and the music strays seamlessly from pure Acoustic Folk to a more Rock and Pop style or a Country Blues feel.

This talented 24 year old is taking Folk into a different direction, there are traditional style tunes but there is always an Alternative element in there somewhere.  Really nice written songs, a powerful yet laid back and effortless vocal with some beautiful guitar playing add to this guy's repertoire.

My favourite tracks are the mid tempo Country style "Less The Pawn" from the debut album and the title track from the second album, "House Of Jacks" which could have been a Crowded House record, gorgeous song.  "The Egoist" and "Eternal Optimist" from the "Gilded" album also found favour with me, sounding a little like Turin Brakes.  "Sweet On You" is the first single from "Notes From An Island".