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 "JUNGLELAND" 2021   JANE GOODALL - The opening track is presumably about the renowned primatalogist and anthropologist noting the "queen of the jungle" reference.  It's a booming Gothic/Punk hybrid with a pounding beat that conveys a "jungle" background to your ears.  It's a plethora of sounds converging as one to make a cool first listen on this album.   THE STRUGGLE - I love the relentless drums on this track and the accompaniments remind me of The Jam and The Clash if they played together.  It has that almost funky rhythm with jangly guitars that were reminiscent of Bow Wow Wow (although with more "oomph") with some low toned and chanted vocals. Atmospheric at time, sounds really cool in earphones! MERCY - A nice slice of laid back bluesy Rock, a little like Van Morrison or Joe Cocker in style.  Ticks along at a mid tempo pace with a great chorus and powerful Rock vocals. SAINTS - This track is one of my favourites, a Rock track