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"RING RING" 1973 RING RING - The title track is one of the earlier memorable songs from the Abba catalogue.  A perfect slice of Europop which gave Abba their breakthrough in several European countries at the start of their career.  A simple mid tempo musical backing with one of those classic, memorable, catchy choruses for which the band became famous, made this a great start of this Pop phenomenon.     ANOTHER TOWN, ANOTHER TRAIN - A melancholic, gentle Folk Pop ballad.  Laid back, melodic, easy listening track that lilts along nicely.  Bjorn Ulvaeus takes lead vocals with the usual singing ladies, Agentha Faltskog and Anni-frid Lyngstad backing up on the simplistic chorus. DISILLUSION - The only Abba released song to have a songwriting credit to Agnetha.  She takes lead vocals too on this rather beautiful Pop ballad.  A really nice song giving Agnetha full rein to guide it with her vocals. PEOPLE NEED LOVE - A Folk Pop track with a Euro influence.  The debut single when

YUNA - 2012 (1 ALBUM)

 "YUNA" 2012 LULLABIES - Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna opens her first international debut album with a laid back ballad.  Yuna's gentle, soothing voice echoes eerily over a slow tempo Trip Hop style beat.  Lovely introduction to this lady. FAVOURITE THING -  An engaging, captivating vocal drifts through a slow melodious Synth Pop styled backing .  Dreamy Pop. REMEMBER MY NAME - This track has a delightfully quirky and sparse backing but reminds me of the style of Simon and Garfunkel.  A little upbeat and uplifting Folk Pop for your ears. DECORATE - Another soulful slow Pop ballad with stunning vocals.  This was also the title of her debut Malaysian album. PLANES - Straight forward Pop this time, almost Acoustic backing and a really catchy chorus.  One of my favourites. BAD IDEA - An unusual switch after the Pop of the previous track.  This is a jazzy, chanteuse styled track that has a "musical" feel to it.  Yuna is no one trick pony and even on this fle


"THE ILLUMINATION OF EVERYTHING" 2016 ILLUMINATION - Rip-roaring opening of frenzied heavy guitars before launching into classic Fireflys territory, the melodious, incredibly catchy chorus! At 2 minutes 12 seconds we get an atmospheric electronic/guitar break, almost psychedelic before heading back to an epic finish. RELEASE/REPEAT - This light Folk Rock track is already a fan favourite before the album launch due to its prior single outing. One of those tracks you just need to keep playing, a first namer on any Flys hit team sheet! BRANCHES - This song was played to death in our house, and to our friends! A beautifully crafted song, melancholic and light, the guitars remind me of Prince's Purple Rain solo, it sings of sadness and hope. Sheer class, I called it a lilting mixed masterpiece in a first review, I wasn't wrong.   ANGEL OF THE NORTH - A chilled and relaxing number, a little 70s Prog Rock, a little 90s Stone Roses. After


"SONGS FOR GENTLE SOULS" 2020 RUNAWAY - The debut album by former The Fireflys' members, singer-songwriter and guitarist Lee Wylding and drummer Andie Packer begins with a gem.  This opener reminds me of a classic Bon Jovi or Def Leppard track that's part of an Acoustic set.  I always loved that change of style with the orchestral sounds lifting their famous songs.  Lee gives a brilliant, emotive Rock vocal that merges with the delightful melancholic melody. THIS HOUSE IS OURS - The tempo turns up a gear for this, with an Irish Folk style rhythm.  An instant foot tapper and  catchy chorus lifts this debut single.  Imagine a Pirate crew having a sing-a-long chugging some Rum with you clapping and stomping the deck!.  Awesome.     BRANCHES - A favourite of mine from The Fireflys' back catalogue gets a new re-working here.  This version emits even more emotion than the original.  There is a lovely Country twang as the track is slowed down a touch to be more of a F

THE KINKS - 1967 (1 ALBUM)

"SOMETHING ELSE"   1967     DAVID WATTS - The opening track on this fifth album by the band is a mix of 60s Pop with what sounds like early Glam Rock snippets.  The lyrics sung by Ray Davies seem to lean towards admiration for a fellow popular schoolboy.  Upbeat and cool intro to this album.      DEATH OF A CLOWN - Named as "chamber Pop" this track is a kind of Folk Pop track with  haunting "la la" chanted segments.  Originally co-written by Ray Davies and his brother Dave (who released it as his first solo single).   TWO SISTERS - Harpsichord led laid back 60s Pop track, singing about two sisters Sybilla and Priscilla, both with contrasting personalities, similar to Kinks' brothers Ray and Dave!  Nice song. NO RETURN - An unusual minimal Acoustic style track with a kind of Bossa beat lightly drifting the song along.  A little eerie and not one of my favourites but very experimental. HARRY RAG - Classic Kinks

TORI AMOS - 1992 -1996 (3 ALBUMS)

"LITTLE EARTHQUAKES" 1992 CRUCIFY - A piano Grunge Rock sound made this song stick in my head for weeks and got me hooked on Tori after "Silent All These Years" peaked my interest. Packs a punch with a slight drum beat and a 70s Psychedelic Rock segment and harmonising vocals.     GIRL - A little orchestration and light drumbeat as well as Tori's unmistakeable vocals and keyboard skills, it also has a kind of Progressive/Psychedelic Rock middle segment.  SILENT ALL THESE YEARS -  Its quiet minimal piano and beautiful vocals reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan and to an extent Kate Bush (although I consider Ms. Bush as a Piano Pop artist and Tori Piano Rock).  Its such a lovely song.  The video is amazing and kind of sweet too like the song itself.     PRECIOUS THINGS - This has a quicker pace, a frantic piano with a more powerful Rock drumbeat and with screeching vocal accompaniment and a range of other atmospheric vocals.  This