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ABBA - THE ALBUMS 1973 - 2021

"RING RING" 1973 RING RING - The title track is one of the earlier memorable songs from the Abba catalogue.  A perfect slice of Europop which gave Abba their breakthrough in several European countries at the start of their career.  A simple mid tempo musical backing with one of those classic, memorable, catchy choruses for which the band became famous, made this a great start of this Pop phenomenon.     ANOTHER TOWN, ANOTHER TRAIN - A melancholic, gentle Folk Pop ballad.  Laid back, melodic, easy listening track that lilts along nicely.  Bjorn Ulvaeus takes lead vocals with the usual singing ladies, Agentha Faltskog and Anni-frid Lyngstad backing up on the simplistic chorus. DISILLUSION - The only Abba released song to have a songwriting credit to Agnetha.  She takes lead vocals too on this rather beautiful Pop ballad.  A really nice song giving Agnetha full rein to guide it with her vocals. PEOPLE NEED LOVE - A Folk Pop track with a Euro influence.  The debut single when


 "ALL OVER THE PLACE" 1984 HERO TAKES A FALL -  The debut single from this first album only reached number 96 in the UK chart but its a great introduction to the band.  This is The Bangles sound, sparkly guitars, breathy vocals from Susanna Hoffs, gorgeous harmonies and melodies and a punkish cheekiness of good old fashioned Rock and Roll.  New Wave Pop Rock at its best. LIVE - This track is a great 60s styled Psychedelic New Wave track covered from the American Rock band The Merry-Go-Round.  A nice, laid back foot tapper which drummer Debbi Peterson delivers with aplomb. JAMES - Another genre explored as this is a twangy guitar styled Country Pop Rock song that oozes class. ALL ABOUT YOU -  The multi-talented band give us Vicki Peterson on vocals this time.  This is a fast paced almost bluesy Rock and Roll number that has a catchy chorus, slightly repetitive lyrically but its just so cool a song to be spoilt by this. DOVER BEACH - Susanna takes back the vocals reins here


"LITTLE EARTHQUAKES" 1992 CRUCIFY - A piano Grunge Rock sound made this song stick in my head for weeks and got me hooked on Tori after "Silent All These Years" peaked my interest. Packs a punch with a slight drum beat and a 70s Psychedelic Rock segment and harmonising vocals.     GIRL - A little orchestration and light drumbeat as well as Tori's unmistakeable vocals and keyboard skills, it also has a kind of Progressive/Psychedelic Rock middle segment.  SILENT ALL THESE YEARS -  Its quiet minimal piano and beautiful vocals reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan and to an extent Kate Bush (although I consider Ms. Bush as a Piano Pop artist and Tori Piano Rock).  Its such a lovely song.  The video is amazing and kind of sweet too like the song itself.     PRECIOUS THINGS - This has a quicker pace, a frantic piano with a more powerful Rock drumbeat and with screeching vocal accompaniment and a range of other atmospheric vocals.  This


  OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN   "IF NOT FOR YOU" 1971  ME AND BOBBY MCGEE - A cover of Kris Kristofferson's Country track opens this debut album by a then 23 year old Olivia Newton-John.  Even though this isn't one of my favourite songs you can hear the purity in her voice even on this first song. IF - This time the cover is of Bread's 1971 smash hit soft ballad.  A really beautiful rendition here, although it has been covered many times since, this surely is the most emotional. BANKS OF THE OHIO - A well known Country standard since the late 1920s sung by many of the genre's stars.  It is a classic old Country and Western song that despite the lyrics being a little sinister its still classed as a love song! This version is my favourite and Olivia sings it flawlessly. Released as her second single it reached number 6 on the UK chart. IN A STATION - First released by The Band in 1968 this Americana style track is given a very slight Country twang but still keeping it


THE CORRS "FORGIVEN, NOT FORGOTTEN"   1995     ERIN SHORE - Traditional intro for 30 seconds, a sweet minimal Irish instrumental which seamelessly links into the drumbeat of the title track that follows. FORGIVEN, NOT FORGOTTEN -  haS that mystical medieval feel, Pop Rock with a hint of Celtic backdrop.     HEAVEN KNOWS - A more poppy track which reminds me of the singing group Wilson Phillips or early Bangles.  Great harmonies showcasing the girls' vocals. ALONG WITH THE GIRLS -  An instrumental that does what it says on the tin! The girls giving us a brief 50 second showcase of their prowess on various classic Irish instruments.   SOMEDAY - A real Pop Rock track, heavier drums than usual, catchy chorus,  lots of musical backing going on and it works brilliantly.  RUNAWAY - The debut single hit me like a ton of bricks.  A simple yet effectively emotive and cutely sung by Andrea Corr.  Loved this on first listen and prom