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"DIRK WEARS WHITE SOX"   1979 CATROUBLE (Parts 1 + 2) - The opening track is a mix of New Wave, raw Punk and arty Pop.  It is raw and with that great "as live" sound.  Part 1 is an experimental mish mash of sounds and effects, while Part 2 is a stripped back original demo style slant on the later, more brash and superior "Catrouble" single. DIGITAL TENDERNESS - One of my favourite Ant tracks, New Wave Pop Punk at its best, similar to the style Blondie and the like were releasing.  Annoyingly catchy with the repetitive pumping drumbeat and guitar riffs its a gem. NINE PLAN FAILED - On the backdrop of an eerie army style "pom pom" drumbeat and provocative lyrics about war and its effects.  Early Punk meets Progressive Rock.  THE DAY I MET GOD - Storming Pop Punk track about seemingly weird dreams when Adam met God.  Apparently it was "pissing with rain" and God had a big "knob", on his door

ADAM ANT - THE ALBUMS 1982 - 2013

  "FRIEND OR FOE" 1982 FRIEND OR FOE - Adam's first solo album kicks off with this title track carrying on with a more polished sound than "Prince Charming". More mature with the orchestration sounds and brass but still with the big percussion.   This track reached number 9 in the singles chart as the second single.  Its jaunty uptempo beat combined with the usual vocal improvisations of wah wah's and the like merged to make a catchy tune.   SOMETHING GIRLS - One of my favourite Ant tracks, its innuendo laden, mid tempo and full of whoops and whistles and yet a kind of ballad. It has a really dirty but sexy sounding backing.  Adam sings his best crooner style.  The catchy sing along chorus makes this a hit for me. PLACE IN THE COUNTRY - Big, brash and Jazz/Pop fusion, always loved this track.  You can't help but sing along, its fast paced and you need to take a quick breath! Love it, really good song. DESPERATE BUT NOT SERIOUS - Another ballad, Ant


"SHE COLORS MY WORLD" 2018     HORIZON - The first track of the album gives you a bright start to your listening pleasure.  A strong 80s vibe is captured here, in the style of a U2/Simple Minds hybrid while encompassing a great Electronic Rock sound.  It's a mid tempo track but its one of those songs that would be awesome in a huge arena, anthemic Rock at its best. A NEW START - Almost Psychedelic with a little Progressive Rock, this track gives us guitars in a medieval stye.  The ambience of the echoes and effects give a real 70s feel.  As with most of Kevin's songs this has a surprising diversion, at around 2 minutes 40 there is a small instrumental interlude has a distinctive Electronic Synth Pop element.  SWEET THING - A light, lilting song in a slow almost Folk Blues style is a very nice, relaxing listen.  At 1 minute 40 comes another surprise as there's a move into early 70s Classic Rock before easing back into the song


"JOURNEYS TO GLORY" 1981 TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT - The opening track and debut single was the epitomy of the New Romantic Pop phenomenon that took over the first couple of years in the 80s.  The Synth New Wave sound, medieval like percussion and Tony Hadley's big booming vocal are just fantastic. REFORMATION - An almost repetitive, rhyming lyric over a typically 80s Electronic Synth Pop backing.  Again there is a dark, almost eerie medieval sound running through the track.  Catchy in a strange way, but great track. MANDOLIN - A little more anthemic and bigger sound to the previous tracks and with a funky bassline that hits the mark.  A mix of Ultravox pomp and Soft Cell vocals.  Not a single but I love this track. MUSCLEBOUND - A New Wave track, a slow tempo backing track with Tony giving it his all to lifet it to new heights, then the annoyingly catchy chanted chorus kicks in and you can't help but sing along. AGE OF BLOWS - The equivale


"DURAN DURAN" 1981 GIRLS ON FILM - This debut album by the band opens with this brilliant New Wave track.  Their breakthrough single in the UK chart reaching number 5.  Its cheeky and somewhat sarcastic lyrics about the glamour and glitz of the modelling industry are backed by an irresistible pumping rhythm and keyboard and guitar accompanient.  Its just a classic Duran Duran song and a classic 80s song as well.  Top opener.   PLANET EARTH - The debut single only reached number 12 in the UK chart.  This is more Synth Pop Disco than the previous track.  Again with the pumping rhythm but more experimental than "Girls On Film" and the chorus is not as catchy but still engaging to be a great song.   ANYONE OUT THERE - This is one of my favourite Duran Duran tracks, it has a more rockier guitar backing.  Also a funky bass appears with echoed vocals in one segment.  This is more Pop Rock and as the band proved with their album tracks in the future, this was more than ju