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"DIRK WEARS WHITE SOX"   1979 CATROUBLE (Parts 1 + 2) - The opening track is a mix of New Wave, raw Punk and arty Pop.  It is raw and with that great "as live" sound.  Part 1 is an experimental mish mash of sounds and effects, while Part 2 is a stripped back original demo style slant on the later, more brash and superior "Catrouble" single. DIGITAL TENDERNESS - One of my favourite Ant tracks, New Wave Pop Punk at its best, similar to the style Blondie and the like were releasing.  Annoyingly catchy with the repetitive pumping drumbeat and guitar riffs its a gem. NINE PLAN FAILED - On the backdrop of an eerie army style "pom pom" drumbeat and provocative lyrics about war and its effects.  Early Punk meets Progressive Rock.  THE DAY I MET GOD - Storming Pop Punk track about seemingly weird dreams when Adam met God.  Apparently it was "pissing with rain" and God had a big "knob", on his door

ADAM ANT - THE ALBUMS 1982 - 2013

  "FRIEND OR FOE" 1982 FRIEND OR FOE - Adam's first solo album kicks off with this title track carrying on with a more polished sound than "Prince Charming". More mature with the orchestration sounds and brass but still with the big percussion.   This track reached number 9 in the singles chart as the second single.  Its jaunty uptempo beat combined with the usual vocal improvisations of wah wah's and the like merged to make a catchy tune.   SOMETHING GIRLS - One of my favourite Ant tracks, its innuendo laden, mid tempo and full of whoops and whistles and yet a kind of ballad. It has a really dirty but sexy sounding backing.  Adam sings his best crooner style.  The catchy sing along chorus makes this a hit for me. PLACE IN THE COUNTRY - Big, brash and Jazz/Pop fusion, always loved this track.  You can't help but sing along, its fast paced and you need to take a quick breath! Love it, really good song. DESPERATE BUT NOT SERIOUS - Another ballad, Ant


  "G N' R LIES" 1988 RECKLESS LIFE - The opening track to this second album featured on the band's E.P. "Live ?!*@Like A Suicide" along with the next three tracks.  This is a frenetic Classic Rock song with screeching vocals from Axl Rose and its pretty basic cliched rock fare sounding like early AC/DC.  Was a song from Hollywood Rose (the band that would become Guns N' Roses). NICE BOYS - This is a more Led Zeppelin styled song but with a catchy little chorus of "nice boys don't play rock n' roll!".  I quite like this track even though it is very raw.  This is a cover of Australian band Rose Tattoo's  track. MOVE TO THE CITY - This is a great Glam Rock/Blues style akin to Marc Bolan/T-Rex.  More accomplished than the previous tracks and more apt to the "Appetite For Destruction" album. MAMA KIN - A cover of an Aerosmith track.  New Wave Pop Heavy Rock/Pop hybrid.  Another good track. PATIENCE - The first of 4 new Ac


"URBAN CAMPFIRE SONGS" 2013 HIGH ROADS & HOLLOWAYS - The debut album by the Finnish rockers kicks off in frenetic style.  A track that seems to be a hybrid of Sex Pistols and The Clash.  Pulsating beat and thrashing guitars with equally manic vocals.  Great opening! BRAINFUCK EUPHORIA - Another cleverly melodious Punk Rock track, the chanted vocals remind me of 80s band Tenpole Tudor and a little Green Day but more rockier.  Surprisingly gets more catchy the more you listen! BLIND HORSES - This track reminds me of Gogol Bordello's brilliant Gypsy Punk Folk.  Imagine an all out rocky sea shanty and this is it! Quirky and fun! GLITTER RODEO - A fast paced song with musical backing that is kind of New Wave Punk, something like early Blondie, The Ramones or Generation X with typically sneery Billy Idol-like vocals.  A great track. NOW I WANNA LISTEN TO THE RAMONES - Ironically I just mentioned The Ramones and here they get a namecheck.  This is classic New Wave Punk


"BILLY IDOL" 1982 COME ON, COME ON -  Billy's debut album since the disbanding of Generation X opens up with an anthemic New Wave track with hints of Punk bravado.  A driving rhythm throughout and crosses over nicely from the old "X" days to the new sound that he would make his own with the next album and beyond. WHITE WEDDING (Part 1) - The Idol classic song that is one of his best known tracks.  A Classic Rock track with New Wave nuances.  Billy gives his best sneer and snarls the vocals in brilliant fashion.  Absolutely love this track and did from the first time I saw the video on MTV.  Part 2 can be heard the extended versions album, "Vital Idol".  An 80s and Rock gem.   HOT IN THE CITY - This is a fabulous experimental track.  It has elements of Rock, Rock N' Roll, New Wave and even a small hint of Motown.  Very cool song.   DEAD ON ARRIVAL - A throwback to Billy's Generation X Punk days and this could have been on any of their albums