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THE SPASE - THE ALBUMS 2014 - 2017

    "ON A CLOUD" 2014 MY MARILYN - The debut album by Widnes band The Spase opens with a great bluesy style Pop track with brilliant passionate and powerful vocals from vocalist/guitarist Andy Forrest ably backed by Peter Walker on bass and Simon Harris on percussion and guitar.  The song hints at Blues while keeping a Pop slant until about halfway through and slide guitar sounds come in to make it a Folk Country ending, superb. EMPTY LANE - The tempo slows down on this Acoustic Indie track with hints of Gothic Rock sounding at times like The Mission.  The continuing moody and melancholic backing is sombre but has that unique positive tint.  The vocals actually remind me of Tom Bailey from Thompson Twins, emotional and deep. A ROAMING SON - One of my favourites by the band, and after hearing it live many moons ago it became more so. A beautiful Acoustic track, minimal guitars and percussion bringing to mind a hybrid of The Stone Roses and The Monkees.  An absolute gem with


"SCRIPT FOR A JESTER'S TEAR"   1983   SCRIPT FOR A JESTER'S TEAR - The opening track of a great debut album of six epic tracks.  This Rock experiment filled song begins gently and then gives us a whimsical almost Nursery Rhyme style backing before launching into dramatic guitars and pounding drumbeat increasing in intensity and power.  Named Neo-Progressive Rock, Marillion's style of  music has elements of all genres of Rock music and this track ticks all boxes! HE KNOWS YOU KNOW - A slow almost Pop Rock track changes after some angry, anguished vocals from lead singer Fish before the 2 and a half minute mark when the glorious anthemic guitar solos and faster drumbeats kick in.  The Medieval style vocals and chants are here that make it just a little more awesome.     THE WEB -  A slow to mid tempo Rock ballad, with some awesome keyboard and guitar solos.  More Electronic Rock than the previous two tracks but no less anthemic.  A v


THE CORRIDORS "END OF THE TIMES"   2017     STOP THE WORLD - The opening track to the album starts with some Classic Rock guitars collaborating with almost 60s style Folk Rock harmonised vocals.  This is a hippie sounding soft ballad of the highest order.  A great track to ease you into an album of various styles, influences and genres that will make your ears pop with delight. FACE OF THE GROUND - The Smashing Pumpkins influence is clearly evident on this uptempo rocker.  There is definitely a little Progressive Rock going on as well with the slight electro sounding backing.  An uplifting and positive killer track. DELICATE CONDITION - One of my favourites, to categorise this closely, I could say it is an Echo & The Bunnymen/60s beat combo hybrid! Combining 80s early U2 guitar riffs, Electronic effects with brilliant harmonies, this is a proper chilled out foot tapper! JUST LIKE THE WAY SHE THOUGHT IT WILL BE - An atmospheric guitar ope


  IRON MAIDEN "THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST" 1982 INVADER S - This third album by the band features singer Bruce Dickinson for the first time and this opening track is a rip roaring, frenetic guitar and drum festival! It is almost like a Punk Metal song with searing guitar parts and Bruce exercising his vocal chords to full effect. CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED - This track opens like a Gothic/Progressive Rock track.  It epitomises the sound of Dickinson's Iron Maiden in the future.  The metallic operatic style is more powerful than that of previous vocalist, Paul Di'Anno.  Classic Iron Maiden. THE PRISONER - A track in the chug-a-chug guitar style of Black Sabbath and inspired by the TV series The Prisoner.  It includes spoken parts from the series but the awesome searing guitar solo after the 4 minute mark makes up for it. 22 ACACIA AVENUE - This is a retro 70s Classic Rock style track that is a decent song but is nothing unusual that you've not heard before. THE NUMBER


  FLEETWOOD MAC   "RUMOURS" 1977 SECOND HAND NEWS - The opening track of the album is a bouncy, quirky Folk style Rock song, reminds me of the 60s duetted sounds of The Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel.  Sung by Lindsey Bucking ham who was also the composer.  Great melody and harmonies and a neat guitar solo to finish which could have been longer but a great song. DREAMS - The second single from the album reached number 24 in the UK chart and is one of my favourite "Mac" tracks.  It was covered brilliantly by another favourite band of mine, The Corrs as well. This lilting Soft Rock ballad is beautifully sung by Stevie Nicks and is a notable classic. NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN - This song is a merging of Country Pop and Folk Rock with some stunning pure Acoustic guitar and vocals from writer Buckingham.  Really lovely song.  Was a B-side for a handful of singles in various countries.  DON'T STOP - This track criminally only reached number 32 in the UK char