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DURAN DURAN "RIO" 1982     RIO - A classy Pop song which whisks you away into a bright, sunny climate and has you happily singing the chorus as though you were in Summer.  With elements of New Wave and Synth Pop this was archetypal of the early 80s era.     MY OWN WAY - This track was similar in style to the debut album's Electro Pop style, a catchy chorus yet again and an ideal follow-on single after "Girls On Film". LONELY IN YOUR NIGHTMARE - An unusual one, it reminds me a little of a Gary Numan track in his prime, with its mix of haunting guitars and electronics.  However, the chorus is quite catchy and its a nice song. HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF - Has elements similar to "My Own Way" and "Rio", a perfect crossover from the debut album to this second one.  A more polished sound with lesser Electronic effects than previous tracks by the band.   HOLD BACK THE RAIN - A slightly more rockier sound on this track,


  DURAN DURAN   "DURAN DURAN" 1981 GIRLS ON FILM - This debut album by the band opens with this brilliant New Wave track.  Their breakthrough single in the UK chart reaching number 5.  Its cheeky and somewhat sarcastic lyrics about the glamour and glitz of the modelling industry are backed by an irresistible pumping rhythm and keyboard and guitar accompanient.  Its just a classic Duran Duran song and a classic 80s song as well.  Top opener.   PLANET EARTH - The debut single only reached number 12 in the UK chart.  This is more Synth Pop Disco than the previous track.  Again with the pumping rhythm but more experimental than "Girls On Film" and the chorus is not as catchy but still engaging to be a great song.   ANYONE OUT THERE - This is one of my favourite Duran Duran tracks, it has a more rockier guitar backing.  Also a funky bass appears with echoed vocals in one segment.  This is more Pop Rock and as the band proved with their album tracks in the future, this