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  "SO RED THE ROSE" 1985   ELECTION DAY - This one-off album featuring Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor kicks off with this great track.  I loved this so much I bought the 12" and that was even better.  A mix of synth pop, funk, new wave and various effects and saxophone this was a move away from the Duran Duran sound and probably influence the "Notorious" album.  This was the lead single from this album and reached number 7 in the UK chart.  Also features Grace Jones on vocals! KEEP ME IN THE DARK - A very poppy sounding track and even though the chorus is not really "catchy" it is a decent song with loads of pips and squeaks and some nice synth and bass sounds.  Most similar to the the early Duran Duran sound. GOODBYE IS FOREVER - This has some funky bass and is a great New Wave Pop song, reminds me of some of the tracks on "Seven And The Ragged Tiger" with its atmospheric leanings.  Only a release as single