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PRINCE - 1978 - 2021 (9 ALBUMS)

"FOR YOU"   1978 FOR YOU - The very first track on any Prince album is a little over a minute long and showcases the astounding vocal range of the then teenage artist.  Harmonising with himself, using his voice as melodies and adding a Gospel and church choir like style.  Brave for a first track to bare himself like this but then Prince was to be no ordinary performer! IN LOVE - A Pop Soul track that has very slight hints of Funk.  It is essentially a mid tempo ballad.  Showing the early talent this guy had for hearing unusual sounds that merge together brilliantly.  All tracks here composed, performed, arranged and produced by this teenager on his debut, that in itself is remarkable. SOFT AND WET - The first introduction to the now famous (or infamous to some) sexual innuendo laden tracks that he composed during his reign.  A Disco Funk track with a little Soul, was released as a single on his 20th birthday as the first from this album.      


 "JUNGLELAND" 2021   JANE GOODALL - The opening track is presumably about the renowned primatalogist and anthropologist noting the "queen of the jungle" reference.  It's a booming Gothic/Punk hybrid with a pounding beat that conveys a "jungle" background to your ears.  It's a plethora of sounds converging as one to make a cool first listen on this album.   THE STRUGGLE - I love the relentless drums on this track and the accompaniments remind me of The Jam and The Clash if they played together.  It has that almost funky rhythm with jangly guitars that were reminiscent of Bow Wow Wow (although with more "oomph") with some low toned and chanted vocals. Atmospheric at time, sounds really cool in earphones! MERCY - A nice slice of laid back bluesy Rock, a little like Van Morrison or Joe Cocker in style.  Ticks along at a mid tempo pace with a great chorus and powerful Rock vocals. SAINTS - This track is one of my favourites, a Rock track

DAGGERPLAY - 2013 - 2018 (2 ALBUMS)

"URBAN CAMPFIRE SONGS" 2013 HIGH ROADS & HOLLOWAYS - The debut album by the Finnish rockers kicks off in frenetic style.  A track that seems to be a hybrid of Sex Pistols and The Clash.  Pulsating beat and thrashing guitars with equally manic vocals.  Great opening! BRAINFUCK EUPHORIA - Another cleverly melodious Punk Rock track, the chanted vocals remind me of 80s band Tenpole Tudor and a little Green Day but more rockier.  Surprisingly gets more catchy the more you listen! BLIND HORSES - This track reminds me of Gogol Bordello's brilliant Gypsy Punk Folk.  Imagine an all out rocky sea shanty and this is it! Quirky and fun! GLITTER RODEO - A fast paced song with musical backing that is kind of New Wave Punk, something like early Blondie, The Ramones or Generation X with typically sneery Billy Idol-like vocals.  A great track. NOW I WANNA LISTEN TO THE RAMONES - Ironically I just mentioned The Ramones and here they get a namecheck.  This is classic New Wave Punk

GUNS N' ROSES - 1988 -1991 (3 ALBUMS)

  "G N' R LIES" 1988 RECKLESS LIFE - The opening track to this second album featured on the band's E.P. "Live ?!*@Like A Suicide" along with the next three tracks.  This is a frenetic Classic Rock song with screeching vocals from Axl Rose and its pretty basic cliched rock fare sounding like early AC/DC.  Was a song from Hollywood Rose (the band that would become Guns N' Roses). NICE BOYS - This is a more Led Zeppelin styled song but with a catchy little chorus of "nice boys don't play rock n' roll!".  I quite like this track even though it is very raw.  This is a cover of Australian band Rose Tattoo's  track. MOVE TO THE CITY - This is a great Glam Rock/Blues style akin to Marc Bolan/T-Rex.  More accomplished than the previous tracks and more apt to the "Appetite For Destruction" album. MAMA KIN - A cover of an Aerosmith track.  New Wave Pop Heavy Rock/Pop hybrid.  Another good track. PATIENCE - The first of 4 new Ac