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THE KINKS "SOMETHING ELSE"   1967     DAVID WATTS - The opening track on this fifth album by the band is a mix of 60s Pop with what sounds like early Glam Rock snippets.  The lyrics sung by Ray Davies seem to lean towards admiration for a fellow popular schoolboy.  Upbeat and cool intro to this album.      DEATH OF A CLOWN - Named as "chamber Pop" this track is a kind of Folk Pop track with  haunting "la la" chanted segments.  Originally co-written by Ray Davies and his brother Dave (who released it as his first solo single).   TWO SISTERS - Harpsichord led laid back 60s Pop track, singing about two sisters Sybilla and Priscilla, both with contrasting personalities, similar to Kinks' brothers Ray and Dave!  Nice song. NO RETURN - An unusual minimal Acoustic style track with a kind of Bossa beat lightly drifting the song along.  A little eerie and not one of my favourites but very experimental. HARRY RAG - Cla