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"PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY AND THYME" 1966     SCARBOROUGH FAIR/CANTICLE - One of the duo's many memorable songs and one of my favourites.  A really lovely, melodious atmospheric Acoustic ballad.  With its Folk style and almost medieval sound, a fabulously emotive song.     PATTERNS -  A Folk song with hints of Progressive Rock and a kind of tribal drumbeat and sounding like a native Indian old style camp fire number. CLOUDY - This is a really nice, easy going track with a little Psychedelic snippets but mainly a Pop Folk style. HOMEWARD BOUND - Another of my favourite tracks.  A more upbeat Folk Rock track, with melancholy lyrics as Paul Simon misses his new found love waiting at a Railway station in Widnes, Cheshire.  Top track.   THE BIG BRIGHT GREEN PLEASURE MACHINE - Reminds me a little of The Monkees.  More upbeat than the previous tracks.  A chirpy, bright and breezy 60s style hippie track. THE 59TH BRIDGE STREET SONG (FEELIN