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"BOMBS AWAY" 2014 GERONIMO - The album opener and this is the song that caught my attention to this great Australian Indie sibling band.  The driving, almost marching band drumbeat keeps the pace throughout while the fabulous harmonies from George and Amy Sheppard and melodies bring this storming song to life.  The chanted chorus that sticks in your head instantly makes you incapable of not singing along with it! Catchy, powerful, inspiring and uplifting.  An absolute gem.     SOMETHING'S MISSING - Slowing down a little after the opening track.  This is a more melancholic track, Acoustic sounding as it builds up pace as the song progresses.  Beautifully composed and produced, its a little Country and a little Folk Rock.  Reminds me a little of The Corrs in some moments, brilliant. LET ME DOWN EASY - A chirpy kind of 50s and 60s Rock N' Roll Pop.  The song grabs you with a fabulous rhythm that will make you nod your head, click your fingers or tap your toes.  Irresis