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WHOWho - "OH YEAH" 2015

WHOWho   "OH YEAH"  2015   SINCERELY YOURS - I first reviewed this great South Korean Electronic Rock band in 2012 in a minor feature before my blog was solely album reviews.  This is the debut album and is an absolute gem.  This first track is a mix of Funk, New Wave, Synth Rock and Pop.  This is such a unique sound, merging genres all over the place.  Brilliant opening. DANCE IN THE RAIN - Another great funky track which reminds me a little of The Police but with harder searing guitar solos!  A storming song and the mix of Electronic Synth style with Rock leanings is pretty ingenious. OH YEAH -  The title track begins like a typical Dance Pop track with a pumping beat.  Then the 80s style Synth Pop comes in followed by some guitars and its a completely different song than it was in the beginning.  Its classic Europop style "oh oh" chanting and simple chorus just make it even better. HER - This is one of the first songs I heard from the band and I loved it on


SUGABABES   "ONE TOUCH" 2000 OVERLOAD - This debut album recored by the original three members as teenagers, was a brilliant first set.  This opening track was smooth, R 'n B/Funk with a throbbing steady drumbeat and some almost lazy, but engaging vocals.  The single reached number 6 in the UK chart and was a storming introduction to the girl group's career, as powerful an ear opener as Spice Girls' "Wannabe". ONE FOOT IN - This song is pretty much a straight forward 90s style Pop song in the vein of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in their fledgling days.  A very accomplished track although a comedown from the opening track, it still has merit. SAME OLD STORY - Another very smooth and mature track that you would believe it from Destiny's Child or maybe TLC not by 3 teenage girls.  This is a cool funky song with some really nice harmonies. JUST LET IT GO - Again a song that the previous aforementioned seasoned girl groups would be proud of.


  THE TIME   "THE TIME" 1981 GET IT UP - Although this debut album by the Prince proteges is basically a Prince recording (all instruments except a Dr Fink synth solo on "Cool") , Morris Day does sing the vocals.  The Time became a popular live band on Prince tours and became a band in their own right.  This opener is a funky soul workout with keyboards and guitar solos at the fore.   GIRL - A pretty basic slow soul ballad, sadly the vocals of Morris Day cannot lift this like Prince probably could.  Average track. AFTER HI SCHOOL - In the vein of Prince's quirky fast paced sparse funky tracks such as "Gotta Stop (Messin' About)" and "Jack U Off".  Its a decent song but nothing great despite being written by former Prince guitarist, Dez Dickerson. COOL - 10 minutes of classic Prince Funk, a throbbing beat, the aforementioned Dr Fink synth solo make this a very "cool" track indeed.  Best track on the album for me.  Co-written


  PAUL YOUNG “NO PARLEZ” 1983 COME BACK AND STAY - A cover of Jack Lee’s 1981 song opens this debut album by one of the best voices in music.  This is a Soul track with an updated New Wave style.  This fourth single from the album reached number 4 in the UK chart following on the success of "Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)".   LOVE WILL TEAR US APART - A great, updated cover of Joy Division's 1980 classic.  The elements are still there from the original with Paul giving it a Soul update  WHEREVER I LAY MY HAT (THAT'S MY HOME) - The fantastic track that got me listening to Paul regularly.  Such a great vocals on this track. First recorded by Marvin Gaye in 1962 this rendition got Paul his first number 1 in the UK and set him on the way for a great 80s and long standing career. KU KU KURAM A - A madcap 80s Synth Pop/New Wave track reminiscing Nik Kershaw or Howard Jones.  Its engaging but an experimental mish mash and wastes Paul's voice hidden in the


  JACK SAVORETTI  "EUROPIANA" 2021 I REMEMBER US - Jack's seventh studio album opens with this unusual merging of Europop and an orchestral Rock ballad.  Containing childlike harmonised voices and Jack's emotional throaty vocals.  A really nice song.  Anthemic and 80s-like. SECRET LIFE - Another genre explored here, Jack gives us some midtempo Dance music with a throbbing, steady drumbeat similar to late 80s, early 90s clube hits.  WHO'S HURTING WHO (featuring Nile Rodgers) - Co-wriiten with Mark Ralph and the Chic legend Nile Rodgers.  A catchy, memorable chorus intertwines a great retro 70s funky Disco feel.  Great track.   WHEN YOU'RE LONELY (featuring John Oates) - This track includes another star of the 80s, one half of Hall & Oates!.  The song has a slight Latin feel and is a laid back slow Pop ballad.  It reminds me of Wet Wet Wet in their heyday.  MORE THAN EVER - A slow, piano led ballad that Jack lifts to new heights with some impassioned, emot