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"MORE OF THE MONKEES"   1967     SHE - The opening track sung by Micky Dolenz is a mix of Progressive, Psychedelic Rock and Beat Pop.  Great opening track, mid tempo and punchy and a memorable chorus.     WHEN LOVE COMES KNOCKIN' (AT YOUR DOOR) - Typical 60s Pop track sung by Davy Jones.  Written by superior songwriters Carol Bayer Sager and Neil Sedaka.  Its chirpy and bright and radio friendly. MARY, MARY - One of my favourite Monkees' tracks again sung by Dolenz.  Great guitar Pop Rock, simple hooks and chorus but it packs a punch. HOLD ON GIRL - Eerie and experimental, almost Folk Pop track sung by Jones with off key backing vocals and a Psychedelic keyboard solos. YOUR AUNTIE GRIZELDA - Another experimental tune, the first released song with Peter Tork taking on the lead vocals.  A persistent Rock keyboard leads the way through the song.  Its humorous, quirky and Tork makes a variety of sounds during the instrumental break