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WHOWho - "OH YEAH" 2015

WHOWho   "OH YEAH"  2015   SINCERELY YOURS - I first reviewed this great South Korean Electronic Rock band in 2012 in a minor feature before my blog was solely album reviews.  This is the debut album and is an absolute gem.  This first track is a mix of Funk, New Wave, Synth Rock and Pop.  This is such a unique sound, merging genres all over the place.  Brilliant opening. DANCE IN THE RAIN - Another great funky track which reminds me a little of The Police but with harder searing guitar solos!  A storming song and the mix of Electronic Synth style with Rock leanings is pretty ingenious. OH YEAH -  The title track begins like a typical Dance Pop track with a pumping beat.  Then the 80s style Synth Pop comes in followed by some guitars and its a completely different song than it was in the beginning.  Its classic Europop style "oh oh" chanting and simple chorus just make it even better. HER - This is one of the first songs I heard from the band and I loved it on


ERASURE "THE INNOCENTS" 1988     A LITTLE RESPECT - Classic sing-a-long at many parties even now.  New Wave Synth Pop at its best.  Acoustic guitar parts add a little extra to the electronic backing.  One of the band's most famous and best songs.     SHIP OF FOOLS - Quite wonderful emotive song, "Ship Of Fools", one of my favourites and a brilliant Synth Pop ballad.     PHANTOM BRIDE - Perfect 80s electronic Pop, catchy, bright and breezy and a nice positive uptempo number. CHAINS OF LOVE - Almost Motown Soul in structure but with an Electronic backing, again another memorable catchy chorus! HALLOWED GROUND -  Sounds a little like "A Little Respect" backing slowed down a touch but with mysterious ambience and downbeat vocals from Andy Bell.   SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND - A Jazzy almost Art Of Noise type track which you would probably hear on a detective show theme, a little like Dragnet maybe? HEART OF STONE - 


HOWARD JONES "HUMAN'S LIB" 1984 CONDITIONING - The debut album from one of the 80s pioneers of Synth Pop opens with a very Kraftwerk-esque track.  It's minimal lyrics and equally minimal sound add to its charm.  Its quirky rhythm and experimental blips and squeaks surely nod to the German masters' work. WHAT IS LOVE? - The second single that reached number 2 in the UK chart.  This was a much more polished almost New Wave kind of Synth Pop track.  Atmospheric and with a very catchy and memorable chorus make this one of the best songs of the 80s and also of Jones' catalogue.     PEARL IN THE SHELL - A great track, not as popular as some of his big hits but this is a funky, kind of jazzy New Wave style song.  There is some nice saxophone by The Blockheads' Davey Payne.  It is unique and has a little of everything which makes it special.  Not as catchy a chorus as usual but the beat and jaunty style merging with the big and brash saxophone lift it to bigger


THE HUMAN LEAGUE "DARE"   1981     THE THINGS THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF - This opening track is what Kraftwerk would sound like if they rocked up.  The musical backing is pure 70s Synth Pop with a strong powerful angst ridden vocal from Philip Oakey on the catchy chorus. OPEN YOUR HEART - Great New Wave Synth Pop, a chirpy melodious backing track with a catchy chorus sung by Philip and backing singers Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall in unison.  Atmospheric and anthemic in content and a great track.  THE SOUND OF THE CROWD - The first single from this album and the the first commercial success for the band.  This always reminded me of early Gary Numan and also a little New Order.  Its like Gothic Synth Pop.  Eerie in places, powerful and its marching drumbeat keep the track pumping along.  Philip and the girls add various lyrics and chants to add to the mystery.     DARKNESS - A disappointment for me after the first three tracks.  Its basi


  THOMPSON TWINS "INTO THE GAP" 1984   DOCTOR!DOCTOR! - The band's fourth album kicks off with an memorable 80s tune.  The second single from the album reached number 3 in the UK chart and was a big hit in the USA.  Heavy rotation of the video on MTV ensured its success.  An anthemic chorus encapsulates this track and the beautifully melodious Synth Pop backing is atmospheric and gives a positive vibe.   YOU TAKE ME UP - This track sounds minimal but there is a lot going on including marimba, xylophone and harmonica plus numerous other instruments.  Its like a Folk style Synth Pop track with another catchy chorus.  It reached number 2 in the UK chart as the album's second single.   HOLD ME NOW - The lead single from the album reaching number 4 in the UK chart.  Less Synth Pop and more New Wave.  This is a really nice big Pop ballad, with an anthemic simple chorus, a classic of the 80s in my opinion.  Classic Thompson Twins and memorable for the 80s decade.     DAY