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XIXA - 2016 (1 ALBUM)

  "BLOODLINE" 2016   BLOODLINE - The opening track to this debut album by the band from Tucson, Arizona is a taster for the rest of the album.  A merging of many genres but keeping with the Latin influences and "desert rock". It is almost Gothic Rock and Punk in places with a hint of Nick Cave and Iggy Pop.  The eerie effects and twangy guitars add the Blues style and New Wave connections.  This is Rock but not as you know it, awesome.   VAMPIRO - The frenetic almost Rockabilly guitars back up a moody, desperate vocal.  It reminds me at times of BowWowWow but without Annabella Lwin's angry vocals.  Love how it incorporates the Latin and cowboy western style rhythms.  Experimental at its best and has a strange Punk danceability KILLER - This track is the most Pop styled track so far.  Its calypso and almost ska feel is usually linked to Cumbia Rock which the band have infused into their unique music.  Its quirky and endearing melody and mid tempo backing inter