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"SONGS FOR GENTLE SOULS" 2020 RUNAWAY - The debut album by former The Fireflys' members, singer-songwriter and guitarist Lee Wylding and drummer Andie Packer begins with a gem.  This opener reminds me of a classic Bon Jovi or Def Leppard track that's part of an Acoustic set.  I always loved that change of style with the orchestral sounds lifting their famous songs.  Lee gives a brilliant, emotive Rock vocal that merges with the delightful melancholic melody. THIS HOUSE IS OURS - The tempo turns up a gear for this, with an Irish Folk style rhythm.  An instant foot tapper and  catchy chorus lifts this debut single.  Imagine a Pirate crew having a sing-a-long chugging some Rum with you clapping and stomping the deck!.  Awesome.     BRANCHES - A favourite of mine from The Fireflys' back catalogue gets a new re-working here.  This version emits even more emotion than the original.  There is a lovely Country twang as the track is slowed down a touch to be more of a F