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510JAZZ - "JANUARY 16" 2018

510JAZZ "JANUARY 16" 2018 RIGHT NEXT TO ME (Featuring Matt Blaque/D-Varg) -  The album opens with a medium paced Samba crossover with a big summery vibe.  It is a fun, bright and breezy number with hints of Michael Jackson ("Off The Wall" era) and Gloria Estefan's Miami Sound Machine.  D-Varg's rapping gives it an updated appeal to younger listeners who may not have heard music like this before. HE MADE IT ALL FOR YOU (Featuring Ricki Wegner) - A kind of Pop/Jazz feel to this track.  Its an easy going song and Ricki's vocals have that beautiful pure live sound of Norah Jones and also reminds me of the 80s band Matt Bianco in its style.  The minimal backing showcase the vocals brilliantly and make for a soothing chilled gem. PLAY SOMETHING BLUE (Featurung Maya Victoria/D-Varg) - This is reminiscent for me of the Trip Hop downtempo fusion of 90s band Morcheeba.  Maya's breathy vocals imitating the band's lead singer Skye

510JAZZ - "BOSSA510" 2015

  510JAZZ "BOSSA510" 2015    BOSSA510 - The debut album from John Vargas' all star multi-talented ensemble kicks off with a funky bass and guitar intro which moves into Jazz Funk seamlessly incorporating some 90s style Hip Hop.  David Vargas (known as D-Varg and John's son) provides the cool, summery rapping while R n' b star Jamillions provides some chilled vocals.  It would almost be the perfect Pop song but the twist of Randy Merril's flugelhorn makes it just that little bit more unique.   COME WITH ME - A delightful Latin Jazz style track that again infuses Rap and the Bossa style.  A lot slower pace than the previous track with some beautiful Soul vocals from Nikki Rey fronting a lisght, laid back backing.  D-Varg again provides the Rap sections while Nikki harmonises in support.  A really nice chilled song.  Actually reminds me a little of LL Cool J tracks from the late 80s.   OCEAN BREEZE - Feeling like you are chilling out on a beach taking in the c


510JAZZ "THE BOSSA NOVA" 2020 HUMMINGBIRD OF SPRINGTIME (Featuring Oshra Sedan) - The opening track of the third album following 2018's "January 16" is a beautiful, mellow ballad.  Oshra  Sedan's vocals are lush and pure and lift the seasonal Spring feeling to even bigger heights. The strings give an almost bird song melody, which is perfect as the song is about a visiting Hummingbird to a garden.  The rhythm is nice and slightly upbeat, giving an almost Ska or Reggae hint on the Jazz feel.  BACK HOME (Featuring Anna Konstantopoulos) - A smoky Jazz bar ballad with Anna Konstantopoulos taking lead vocals in a breathy, sultry style reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.  The flute takes centre stage with the singer and gives a slight Trip Hop feel to the track.  It is easy going, light, dreamy and uplifting all at the same time.  Nice, relaxing listen.  FATAL ATTRACTION (Featuring Maya Victoria and Matt Blaque) - This track is duet between Maya Victoria and Matt Bl