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KELLI ALI   "TIGERMOUTH" 2003 INFERNO HIGH LOVE - Formerly lead singer of The Sneaker Pimps, Kelli's debut album opens with this pulsating high tempo Electro track.  Think of Madonna, add a few background searing guitars and an Alternative Rock style and this is it.  Great opener!   TEARDROP HITTIN' THE GROUND - Another Electro Rock styled track, and again a catchy chorus.  It is basically Trip Hop rocked up to the hilt! Superb song. KEEP ON DREAMING -  Mesmerising, atmospheric Trip Hop that reminds the listener of Kelli's previous band and the classic album, "Becoming X". ANGEL IN L.A. - A nice enough slow Electonic Pop ballad but its not as punchy and attention grabbing as the first three tracks. HERE COMES THE SUMMER - This is a beautifully sung New Wave Pop ballad with a little Electronica and Trip Hop.  One of my favourites, melodious and Kelli's vocals are sweet. FELLOW MAN - Another hint to The Sneaker Pimps' style, atmospheric, mid t


SPICE GIRLS "SPICE" 1996   WANNABE - The opening track and debut single by the girls.  A mega hit all over the globe and introduced "girl power" to the masses.  An almost Motown Dance Pop feel interspersed with rapping segments it paved the way for numerous girl acts throughout the 90s and beyond.  Ironically not my favourite "Spice" song I think they have made better tracks.     SAY YOU'LL BE THERE - One of my favourite tracks by the girl and the video allowed the girls to glam up "superhero" scenarios.  An Electronic backing track with a Motown/R n' B style make this a memorable song with a touch of a harmonica solo as well.   2 BECOME 1 - A lush, sophisticated Pop ballad that became a Christmas Number One despite the lyrics talking about two lovers bonding and the importance of using contraception.  Really lovely song and a Spice gem. LOVE THING - The first non-single to appear on this album.  Its pre


  JACK SAVORETTI  "EUROPIANA" 2021 I REMEMBER US - Jack's seventh studio album opens with this unusual merging of Europop and an orchestral Rock ballad.  Containing childlike harmonised voices and Jack's emotional throaty vocals.  A really nice song.  Anthemic and 80s-like. SECRET LIFE - Another genre explored here, Jack gives us some midtempo Dance music with a throbbing, steady drumbeat similar to late 80s, early 90s clube hits.  WHO'S HURTING WHO (featuring Nile Rodgers) - Co-wriiten with Mark Ralph and the Chic legend Nile Rodgers.  A catchy, memorable chorus intertwines a great retro 70s funky Disco feel.  Great track.   WHEN YOU'RE LONELY (featuring John Oates) - This track includes another star of the 80s, one half of Hall & Oates!.  The song has a slight Latin feel and is a laid back slow Pop ballad.  It reminds me of Wet Wet Wet in their heyday.  MORE THAN EVER - A slow, piano led ballad that Jack lifts to new heights with some impassioned, emot