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PRINCE - 1978 - 2021 (9 ALBUMS)

"FOR YOU"   1978 FOR YOU - The very first track on any Prince album is a little over a minute long and showcases the astounding vocal range of the then teenage artist.  Harmonising with himself, using his voice as melodies and adding a Gospel and church choir like style.  Brave for a first track to bare himself like this but then Prince was to be no ordinary performer! IN LOVE - A Pop Soul track that has very slight hints of Funk.  It is essentially a mid tempo ballad.  Showing the early talent this guy had for hearing unusual sounds that merge together brilliantly.  All tracks here composed, performed, arranged and produced by this teenager on his debut, that in itself is remarkable. SOFT AND WET - The first introduction to the now famous (or infamous to some) sexual innuendo laden tracks that he composed during his reign.  A Disco Funk track with a little Soul, was released as a single on his 20th birthday as the first from this album.      


  "SO RED THE ROSE" 1985   ELECTION DAY - This one-off album featuring Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor kicks off with this great track.  I loved this so much I bought the 12" and that was even better.  A mix of synth pop, funk, new wave and various effects and saxophone this was a move away from the Duran Duran sound and probably influence the "Notorious" album.  This was the lead single from this album and reached number 7 in the UK chart.  Also features Grace Jones on vocals! KEEP ME IN THE DARK - A very poppy sounding track and even though the chorus is not really "catchy" it is a decent song with loads of pips and squeaks and some nice synth and bass sounds.  Most similar to the the early Duran Duran sound. GOODBYE IS FOREVER - This has some funky bass and is a great New Wave Pop song, reminds me of some of the tracks on "Seven And The Ragged Tiger" with its atmospheric leanings.  Only a release as single

MADONNA - 1983 - 2003 (9 ALBUMS)

"MADONNA"   1983 LUCKY STAR - The opening track is a Disco Pop song, which became her trademark for this debut album before moving into more Pop areas in her next few albums.  Its mid tempo beats and twangy guitars and elctro synths made this an accessible staple to radio airplay connecting to a variety of listeners.  Classic Madonna. BORDERLINE - A change of direction after the first upbeat song, this is a kind of Pop ballad set to a Disco track.  Some lovely harmonies and became her first top ten hit in the USA.  A Reggie Lucas written composition and it gave Madonna chance to explore her vocals and conveying emotion in her songs.  One of my favourites. BURNING UP - One of my top songs by Madonna.  Similar to the later "Gambler".  It is a fast paced Disco beat laden track with a rockier twist with random guitar riffs.  A real gem.     I KNOW IT - This track is keyboard led and has a nice 60s Pop/Rock N' Roll vibe akin to the later "True Blue".  A