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  MICHELLE BRANCH "THE SPIRIT ROOM" 2001   EVERYWHERE - The opening track on Michelle's second album and debut single is a great Pop Rock track, considering the lady was only 18 years old on release, her vocals are exceptional.  Searing guitar riffs, pulsating drums, light and angry vocals and melodies make this a top track.  Reaching number 18 in the UK chart this was a gem.   YOU GET ME - A slightly slower tempo than the opener but no less quality.  This is an easy going Pop ballad with a catchy chorus.  Reminds me in style of Natalie Imbruglia and No Doubt.  Proving that the young singer can emit emotion in her vocals.   ALL YOU WANTED - The second single from the album is a slinky guitar based Rock ballad similar in vein to Avril Lavigne.  Another big chorus and heavy guitar riffs make it the perfect follow-up to the debut track.  Criminally only reaching number 33 in the UK chart but a great track.   YOU SET ME FREE - A light and breezy summery Pop track with bea


SINNOBER    "LITTLE WARS" 2016   EVERYTHING WE NEVER ASKED FOR - The debut album by Sinnober (multi-instrumentalist songwriters Sebastian and Natalie Brice) opens with a smooth Folk Pop ballad.  Beautiful harmonies and light melodies ease you into this album.  Reminds me a little of Simon and Garfunkel in its composition. MARIA - A little more stripped back than the previous track, this Everly Brothers styled track focuses on the brilliant vocal arrangements before reaching a minor crescendo towards the end.  Nice and mellow.   GO BACK - Another really polished song from this debut album.  Its 60s style Alternative Pop has slight hints of Swing and Jazz. REALITY TV - This slow Pop Rock ballad reminds me of Bon Jovi's Acoustic numbers where they slow everything down and its almost grass roots.  Really lovely song. TALK ME DOWN - A pure, live sounding Acoustic Pop ballad with hints of Rock.  Just sounds amazing and even better in headphones, its like you're in the