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510JAZZ - THE ALBUMS 2015 - 2020

"BOSSA510" 2015    BOSSA510 - The debut album from John Vargas' all star multi-talented ensemble kicks off with a funky bass and guitar intro which moves into Jazz Funk seamlessly incorporating some 90s style Hip Hop.  David Vargas (known as D-Varg and John's son) provides the cool, summery rapping while R n' b star Jamillions provides some chilled vocals.  It would almost be the perfect Pop song but the twist of Randy Merril's flugelhorn makes it just that little bit more unique.   COME WITH ME - A delightful Latin Jazz style track that again infuses Rap and the Bossa style.  A lot slower pace than the previous track with some beautiful Soul vocals from Nikki Rey fronting a lisght, laid back backing.  D-Varg again provides the Rap sections while Nikki harmonises in support.  A really nice chilled song.  Actually reminds me a little of LL Cool J tracks from the late 80s.   OCEAN BREEZE - Feeling like you are chilling out on a beach taking in the cool breeze


"NORTH OF A MIRACLE"   1983 WHEN IT STARTED TO BEGIN - The opening track is an orchestral based, breezy Pop song, similar to Nick's former band Haircut 100 but more accomplished in style.   BLUE HAT FOR A BLUE DAY - One of my favourite 80s songs not just by Nick.  A minimal, melodious Pop ballad, with a memorable chorus and great lyrics proving Nick was a very underrated songwriter and possibly still is.  Lovely song.     TWO MAKE IT TRUE - A track with a slight Country twang interspersed with some bright jazzy Pop.  Another great tune.   ON A SUNDAY - Reminds me a little of The Police and Men At Work with a little of The Cars, almost Reggae Pop Rock.  Sophisticated and classy. CLUB BOY AT SEA - Lots of different orchestral and effects but this is probably my least favourite on the album, its a slow tempo kind of Pop ballad.  On such a great debut album this is probably my filler. WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND - A simply brilliant Pop


PALOMA FAITH "DO YOU WANT THE TRUTH OR SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL?"   2009       STONE COLD SOBER - Great debut single from Paloma, has a slight Country twang but is deep in Blues Soul, a bit of everything with some awesome vocals.  Gave us a teaser for what was to come from the fearless singer.     SMOKE AND MIRRORS - A kind of 60s Pop feel to this track, a more laid back vocal this time. BROKEN DOLL - A darkly soft ballad with a distinct Musical feel, Paloma again taking on different styles that has since become her trademark. A little Eartha Kitt or innocent quality of Marilyn Monroe. DO YOU WANT THE TRUTH OR SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL? - Pure Soul Pop on this title track.  A beautifully (no pun intended) sung and almost 60s era style. UPSIDE DOWN - A great Jazz/Soul hybrid, its fun, its slinky and delivered in the unmistakeable quirky Paloma Faith style.  Love this, its cool.  You can see the dancers sancing behind her in a vintage smoky bar.   R


THE BESSER 3 "TIME TRAVELS " 2018     WHO'S COUNTING? - The opening track is a kind of march style song with full force.  Very dramatic and mysterious, clever off beat and off tune elements which reminds me of a soundtrack to a movie thriller.  A mix of light piano and heavier, angry chops and the Swing style slow, jagged tempo set us up for a rollercoaster ride of experiments to come. KLEZMATIZED - Uptempo foot tapping track, sounds like a real Jazz jamming session.  Gives the feeling of happiness and fun and the funky bass gives this a real lift.  Really love this track, all musicians give the impression that this was a good time! SWINGTIME OUT - Gentle, bass and piano in this real Swing Jazz chilled out track.  Minimal sounding but very casual and easy on the ears.  I can imagine being in an old style bar late at night with the band playing on stage in the cool, smokey air. STEP FIVE - Romantic and emotive sounding track, again would be a


  GEORGE MICHAEL "FAITH" 1987   FAITH - Reaching number 2 in the UK chart, this minimal Rockabilly styled track opens this debut album, although it is debatable (or obvious) that Wham! was essentially George's baby albeit accompanied by Andrew Ridgeley in some small way. This was a short, sharp funky track with just guitar, bass and basic percussion (apart from the cathedral organ at the intro) and allowed George to carry the song with the vocals. FATHER FIGURE - This single reached number 11 in the UK chart and is a Pop ballad of sorts with a slight drumbeat and had some mystical Asian infuence in parts and Gospel in the big chorus.  An emotional song and shows the more mature side of George, making the "Young Guns" days seem very far away.   I WANT YOUR SEX (Parts 1 + 2 ) - This Funk infused Disco track is a gem and reminded me much of my idol Prince in its sexy rhythm and almost lascivious lyrics.  Banned in some media outlets but it is a great slice of Po