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MADONNA   "TRUE BLUE" 1986   PAPA DON'T PREACH - Madonna's third studio album opens with the critically acclaimed track that was her second number 1 in the UK chart.  A positive anthem for young mothers everywhere and stressing the message that women can be strong in adversity.  This strong feminine image was pioneering to women throughout the 80s and 90s.  A great mid tempo orchestrated Pop ballad.  Classic. OPEN YOUR HEART - A favourite track of mine, I love the throbbing uptempo clattering of drums.  A great anthemic chorus and big vocals from Madonna. reaching number 4 on the UK chart, the top ten hits kept coming.  This had a hint of Motown and R 'n B in there too.  One of Madonna's best.   WHITE HEAT - This is a mid to fast paced Synth Pop with hints of Rock guitar sounds.  Sampling the film White Heat's dialogue and gunshots its a decent song.  Not one of my favourites but its got a good tempo but is a little too repetitive for me.  As with all g


  MADONNA  "EROTICA" 1992   EROTICA - The fifth studio album by Madonna was released at the same time as her accompanying book, "SEX" .  The video for this title track caused as much controversy as the book.  The song itself is a trip hop style sexy dance song.  It reached number 3 in the UK chart, it paved a way for more experimental leanings later in her career after the pure Pop of her previous albums.  Although "Like A Prayer" was edging towards this album.  Not one of my ultimate favourite Madonna songs but still a great one. FEVER - A cover version of the song made famous by Peggy Lee, although this is more of a House dance song.  It leads on nicely from the title track in this album but its still a weak song in my opinion, more for the club dance officianados rather than music lovers of multi genres.  It surprisingly reached number 6 in the UK. BYE BYE BABY - I didn't like this song at first but it grew on me over the years.  It works well as


  MADONNA "RAY OF LIGHT" 1998   DROWNED WORLD/SUBSTITUTE FOR LOVE - This opening track on Madonna's 7th studio album reached number 10 on the UK singles chart.  The album as a whole has a much fuller pure vocal from Madonna and this song has a very eclectic mash up of sounds.  There is a little Trip Hop, Pop and Techno hints while keeping the beautiful melodious backing keeping a mysterious ambient air.   SWIM - A very open Trip Hop style similar to Morcheeba with some great vocal changes happening through the song, another great melody and some nice Acoustic guiitars too.  The production on this album is superb, in headphones you can hear every little sound spinning around your head.  RAY OF LIGHT - The title track and a Madonna classic, although very different from her 80s Disco tracks.  This is a brilliant frenetic Pop, Club, Disco, Rock, Electronica crossover.  Should have been number 1 but reached number 2 in the UK chart.  Love this track and a real favourite of


MADONNA   "BEDTIME STORIES" 1994   SURVIVAL - After the somewhat controversial mixed surroundings of previous album "Erotica" and the "Sex" book and indeed the "Body Of Evidence" movie this sixth album is Madonna back to her best.  This opening track is a Pop/R 'n B hybrid with almost Jazz-like undertones but with a cool simple beat and good harmonies and melody.  A nice, chilled out smooth start. SECRET - One of my favourite Madonna tracks, an almost Acoustic styled track with Jazz leanings.  The vocals are brilliant and showcased her voice without the aid of electronics, it was a more mature Madonna.  I loved this style and it suited her, it has a slight funky beat but a great Pop song all round.  This single reached number 5 in the UK chart as the lead track from the album.   I'D RATHER BE YOUR LOVER - Featuring rapper Meshell Ndegeocello on vocal rapping and bass, this is a repetitive but engaging funky Pop dance track.  A decent t


MADONNA  "MUSIC" 2000 MUSIC - Madonna's eighth album for me, is her last really great album in my opinion.  This opening track was released as the second single form the album following "American Pie" (which was later added to certain versions of the album) and reached the accustomed number 1 spot in the UK chart once again.  A supercharged Pop track mixing Funk, Electronica, Dance and Disco it is one of Madonna's best tracks.  Featuring the infamous "Ali G" in the video it was a hit all over the globe. IMPRESSIVE INSTANT - Not one of my favourites, a bit too many effects and the vocoder vocals for me.  It is a mishmash of Electro Funk and Pop and doesn't really grab the listener either lyrically or musically. RUNAWAY LOVER - A frenetic William Orbit co-written and produced track that has potential, the chorus could be catchier if the backing wasn't so overpowering, it becomes an instrumental drum and bass track with vocals way back in t


MADONNA "LIKE A PRAYER"  1989     LIKE A PRAYER - The "black Jesus" video controversy was a little silly to me, and yes there were burning crosses etc.  To someone like me who isn't at all religious and finds the whole religious blasphemy etc an incredible waste of energy and thought.  The song is great Pop and the Gospel parts were really nice and I took a very spiritual and positive opinion from the track. Light backing on the verses and upbeat for the chorus.  One of her best songs.     EXPRESS YOURSELF -  Classic Madonna, Disco Pop and prompted a horde of remixes for the clubs.  Throbbing drumbeat, and various other genres if you listen closely, a little brass and saxophone is also present. LOVE SONG - brilliant collaboration with my other idol Prince, I wish they had made more songs together.  It was classy, experimental and off beat, but the influence of Prince is unmistakeable,  it was similar to the songs he was making fo