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"SHE COLORS MY WORLD" 2018     HORIZON - The first track of the album gives you a bright start to your listening pleasure.  A strong 80s vibe is captured here, in the style of a U2/Simple Minds hybrid while encompassing a great Electronic Rock sound.  It's a mid tempo track but its one of those songs that would be awesome in a huge arena, anthemic Rock at its best. A NEW START - Almost Psychedelic with a little Progressive Rock, this track gives us guitars in a medieval stye.  The ambience of the echoes and effects give a real 70s feel.  As with most of Kevin's songs this has a surprising diversion, at around 2 minutes 40 there is a small instrumental interlude has a distinctive Electronic Synth Pop element.  SWEET THING - A light, lilting song in a slow almost Folk Blues style is a very nice, relaxing listen.  At 1 minute 40 comes another surprise as there's a move into early 70s Classic Rock before easing back into the song

THE SPASE - THE ALBUMS 2014 - 2017

    "ON A CLOUD" 2014 MY MARILYN - The debut album by Widnes band The Spase opens with a great bluesy style Pop track with brilliant passionate and powerful vocals from vocalist/guitarist Andy Forrest ably backed by Peter Walker on bass and Simon Harris on percussion and guitar.  The song hints at Blues while keeping a Pop slant until about halfway through and slide guitar sounds come in to make it a Folk Country ending, superb. EMPTY LANE - The tempo slows down on this Acoustic Indie track with hints of Gothic Rock sounding at times like The Mission.  The continuing moody and melancholic backing is sombre but has that unique positive tint.  The vocals actually remind me of Tom Bailey from Thompson Twins, emotional and deep. A ROAMING SON - One of my favourites by the band, and after hearing it live many moons ago it became more so. A beautiful Acoustic track, minimal guitars and percussion bringing to mind a hybrid of The Stone Roses and The Monkees.  An absolute gem with


THE FIREFLYS "THE ILLUMINATION OF EVERYTHING" 2016 ILLUMINATION - Rip-roaring opening of frenzied heavy guitars before launching into classic Fireflys territory, the melodious, incredibly catchy chorus! At 2 minutes 12 seconds we get an atmospheric electronic/guitar break, almost psychedelic before heading back to an epic finish. RELEASE/REPEAT - This light Folk Rock track is already a fan favourite before the album launch due to its prior single outing. One of those tracks you just need to keep playing, a first namer on any Flys hit team sheet! BRANCHES - This song was played to death in our house, and to our friends! A beautifully crafted song, melancholic and light, the guitars remind me of Prince's Purple Rain solo, it sings of sadness and hope. Sheer class, I called it a lilting mixed masterpiece in a first review, I wasn't wrong.   ANGEL OF THE NORTH - A chilled and relaxing number, a little 70s Prog Rock, a little 90s Stone


  ANTHONY J. QUINN "THE WORDS AND MUSIC OF..." 2016 FOREIGN PART OF THE TOWN - Nice, gentle lilting album opener akin to Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers with a 60s Folk feel.  A little sing along chorus unites well with the sweet melodies. ALABAMA SHOE-SHINE BOY - An upbeat track that has elements of Folk, Skiffle and Pop music othe sixties.  Anthony is giving us his best Lonnie Donegan/Gene Pitney vocalised hybrid which makes the track ultimately unusual and engaging.  The song is about Jesse Owens, who won 3 Gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games, so in 2016 with the games in Rio, this is very apt! OLD HAT'S RETURN - Half spoken, half sung song which shows the writer's humour and that he isn't taking himself too seriously.  Its a fun, whimsical little ditty.  TOXTETH GIRL - One of my favourites, a romantic homage to the Toxteth Girl in question.  Really sweet, soft ballad that brings a smile to the listener's face.    BLINDED BY HER BEAUTY - This is half


THE FAR NORTH "SONGS FOR GENTLE SOULS" 2020 RUNAWAY - The debut album by former The Fireflys' members, singer-songwriter and guitarist Lee Wylding and drummer Andie Packer begins with a gem.  This opener reminds me of a classic Bon Jovi or Def Leppard track that's part of an Acoustic set.  I always loved that change of style with the orchestral sounds lifting their famous songs.  Lee gives a brilliant, emotive Rock vocal that merges with the delightful melancholic melody. THIS HOUSE IS OURS - The tempo turns up a gear for this, with an Irish Folk style rhythm.  An instant foot tapper and  catchy chorus lifts this debut single.  Imagine a Pirate crew having a sing-a-long chugging some Rum with you clapping and stomping the deck!.  Awesome.     BRANCHES - A favourite of mine from The Fireflys' back catalogue gets a new re-working here.  This version emits even more emotion than the original.  There is a lovely Country twang as the track is slowed down a touch to


  THE PROCLAIMERS   "THIS IS THE STORY" 1987   THROW THE 'R' AWAY - This debut album by twins Charlie and Craig Reid was a godsend for me in the late 80s, along with Hue & Cry, Texas, Deacon Blue and Del Amitri.  Scotland gave me hope of great music when the 80s was dying to boybands and Acid House and fake white rappers.  This opening track is a a Rock N' Roll style track with a hint of uptempo Blues.  An electric start with this debut single. OVER AND DONE WITH - Ironically sounding like a stripped down "The Passenger" from Iggy Pop with the intro.  Then the vocals kick in with the boys' inimitable style (so refreshing to hear artists from the UK not trying to sing American! It reminds me of The Everly Brothers with the dual harmonies.  Brilliant. MISTY BLUE - The tempo slows down a little with this track.  It is a passionate, gentle at times but positive Gaelic Folk ballad.  Really nice pure song. THE PART THAT REALLY MATTERS - Another 60s