SCARBOROUGH FAIR/CANTICLE - One of the duo's many memorable songs and one of my favourites.  A really lovely, melodious atmospheric Acoustic ballad.  With its Folk style and almost medieval sound, a fabulously emotive song.

PATTERNS -  A Folk song with hints of Progressive Rock and a kind of tribal drumbeat and sounding like a native Indian old style camp fire number.

CLOUDY - This is a really nice, easy going track with a little Psychedelic snippets but mainly a Pop Folk style.

HOMEWARD BOUND - Another of my favourite tracks.  A more upbeat Folk Rock track, with melancholy lyrics as Paul Simon misses his new found love waiting at a Railway station in Widnes, Cheshire.  Top track.

THE BIG BRIGHT GREEN PLEASURE MACHINE - Reminds me a little of The Monkees.  More upbeat than the previous tracks.  A chirpy, bright and breezy 60s style hippie track.

THE 59TH BRIDGE STREET SONG (FEELIN' GROOVY) - Another fabulous composition.  Less than 1 minute 45 seconds long but its a cool little Folk Rock number which I wanted to carry on a little more.  Its upbeat and makes you feel groovy!

THE DANGLING CONVERSATION - An atmospheric orchestral Folk song which is nice but doesn't give that memorable style of the previous tracks to hold my attention.  It is nice enough and laid back but lacks a little something to make it great.

FLOWERS NEVER BEND WITH THE RAINFALL - A track that typifies Simon & Garfunkel, soft, melodious and a with a slight uptempo musical backing while the lyrics are sung slower.  Touch of class.

A SIMPLE DESULTORY PHILIPPIC (OR HOW I WAS ROBERT MCNAMARA'D INTO SUBMISSION) - Allegedly a parody of Bob Dylan's writing style.  A Folk Rock upbeat track sounding very Dylan-esque.  With that off key singing style and using many different famous names as verbs such as "I've been Mick Jagger'd"! Humorous and hippie style Folk at its best.

FOR EMILY, WHENEVER I MAY FIND HER - Pop styled Folk track sung solely by Art Garfunkel.  Great emotive love song.

A POEM ON THE UNDERGROUND WALL - A little of everything in this track, Folk, Progressive Rock and a little psychedelia with spoken parts.

7 O'CLOCK NEWS/SILENT NIGHT - An experimental and strange end to the album.  A sweet version of the classic Christmas carol "Silent Night" is interspersed and gradually taken over by a simulated news bulletin of various events including Lenny Bruce's death and news of Martin Luther King Jr. and Richard Nixon.  Eerie but interesting!


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