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MADONNA - 1983 - 2003 (9 ALBUMS)

"MADONNA"   1983 LUCKY STAR - The opening track is a Disco Pop song, which became her trademark for this debut album before moving into more Pop areas in her next few albums.  Its mid tempo beats and twangy guitars and elctro synths made this an accessible staple to radio airplay connecting to a variety of listeners.  Classic Madonna. BORDERLINE - A change of direction after the first upbeat song, this is a kind of Pop ballad set to a Disco track.  Some lovely harmonies and became her first top ten hit in the USA.  A Reggie Lucas written composition and it gave Madonna chance to explore her vocals and conveying emotion in her songs.  One of my favourites. BURNING UP - One of my top songs by Madonna.  Similar to the later "Gambler".  It is a fast paced Disco beat laden track with a rockier twist with random guitar riffs.  A real gem.     I KNOW IT - This track is keyboard led and has a nice 60s Pop/Rock N' Roll vibe akin to the later "True Blue".  A

MICHAEL JACKSON - 1979 - 1987 (2 ALBUMS)

"OFF THE WALL" 1979   DON'T STOP 'TIL YOU GET ENOUGH - Brilliant single and a thumping Disco Funk that makes you want to get on your feet and boogie. This was the start of the new vocal styles includging "hiccups", "woohoo's" and grunts that would make his later songs his own and a unique sound of his own.     ROCK WITH YOU -  A much slower tempo, a Disco/Soul ballad with a little Funk.  One of my favourite tracks from MJ.   It was apparently offered to Karen Carpenter but she turned it down, it proved to be one of the defining hits of the Disco era.     WORKING DAY AND NIGHT -  Another Disco Funk track similar to "Don't Stop.." in composition.  The non stop rhythm, repetitive catchy singalong lines and chorus and funky basslines.  Not a single but one of MJ's most popular songs. GET ON THE FLOOR - A real funky track, not much lyrically but a throbbing funky bass drives this track and it is a fu

BLONDIE - 1978 - 1979 (2 ALBUMS)

  "PARALLEL LINES" 1978 HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE - That unmistakeable telephone ringing intro kicks off and Debbie Harry sings her first line while the pumping drumbeat and New Wave sounds back her up.  An absolute classic Power Pop song.  Searing Punk guitars and Debbie's amazing vocals made this a massive hit all over the globe.  This third album made superstars of the band and forerunners of female fronted Rock bands in the future. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER - The original version (not to be confused by the shocking cover by One Direction!).  This is a gritty, angry vocal by Debbie and its catching up with Blondie's Punk Rock roots.  Inspired by one of Debbie's ex-boyfriend's who stalked her.  Its slightly scary and musically brilliant.  PICTURE THIS - One of my favourite Blondie tracks.  Debbie delivers a lovely, sweet vocal over a New Wave backing, some nice guitar riffs and a steady, almost Rock N' Roll drumbeat.  Classic Blondie and a massive hit all ove