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THE KINKS - 1964 - 1967 (2 ALBUMS)

"KINKS" 1964 BEAUTIFUL DELILAH - The Kinks' debut album opens with this Rock 'N Roll styled uptempo with a hint of funkiness and Country twang.  A great cover of a Chuck Berry track. SO MYSTIFYING - A catchy Country Blues track with a memorable sing along chorus.   JUST CAN'T GO TO SLEEP - Sounds a little bit like The Beatles, a simple but steady Pop song.  Not a big fan of The Beatles so not that much of a fan of this, average track at best. LONG TALL SHORTY - A rough, dark Blues track which hits the mark and has a great foot tapping style and is catchy enough to be cool.     I TOOK MY BABY HOME - This Pop Blues track is reminiscent of Manfred Mann, really catchy and an uptempo driving musical backing.  I'M A LOVER NOT A FIGHTER - A brilliant foot tapping Rock 'N Roll/Blues track, reminds me of some of Elvis Presley's early songs.   YOU REALLY GOT ME - The Kinks' back catalogue contains some classics and this is one of the most f