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A-HA "TRUE NORTH" 2022 I'M IN - The opening track on the band's 11th studio album was also the first single released.  This is an orchestral style, piano led Pop ballad that is full of hope and positivity despite its melancholic sound.  Morten's vocal is as impeccably emotional as ever.     HUNTER IN THE HILLS - This kicks off in some musical based sounds evoking a "thriller movie" imagery.  Has a very orchestral jazzy feel to it.  Unusual for the band but it works. AS IF - This ia a mid tempo 80s New Wave ballad that almost sounds like Folk with a little Americana thrown in for good measure.  Was the third single released from the album. BETWEEN THE HALO AND THE THORN - This is almost reminiscent of the band's debut album's slow songs but with a huge orchestral twist.  Still waiting for the rocky quicker song to liven the album up, although a nice relaxing listen so far. TRUE NORTH - A more familiar sounding A-ha on this title track. The rock


A-HA  "HUNTING HIGH AND LOW" 1985 TAKE ON ME - The band's debut album opens with the classic 80s track and unmistakeable Synth Pop intro.  Loved this song instantly on first listen and was then hooked on A-ha and Morten Harket's incredible vocal range.  The track finally charted after a couple of attempts and reached number 2 in the UK charts.  Its accompanying video was groundbreaking using animated and live action scenes sequenced together.  A masterpiece. TRAIN OF THOUGHT - The third UK single release and reached number 8 in the chart and was their third successive top ten hit.  This has a typical Synth Pop fast paced drumbeat with a surprisingly slow tempo vocal by Morten, showing off his complete range in the song.  It grows on you after a couple of listens. HUNTING HIGH AND LOW - A beautiful slow minimal ballad reaching an anthemic, operatic crescendo to finish.  Great emotionally charged vocals and a captivating backing. THE BLUE SKY - At just over two and a