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ABBA     "WATERLOO" 1974   WATERLOO - The band's second album opens with the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest winner and global smash cementing Abba's name in music history.  The timeless classic hit number 1 in the UK and as with most Abba songs is a staple at any party.  Catchy Pop/Dance/Rock , nothing more to say than "class".   SITTING IN THE PALMTREE - Lead vocals by Bjorn on this track, it is a kind of summery almost Reggae Calypso song,  Laid back and engagingly catchy. KING KONG SONG - Bjorn again joins the Agnetha and Frida for this track's vocals.  This is a brilliant Glam Rock style track.  Catchy chorus and powerful vocals by all, with a really cool melodious chanted chorus.  Could have easily been a single. HASTA MANANA - Spanish for "Until Tomorrow", this track is a female crooning styled track of old style Pop from the late 50s to early 60s.  Simialr to the female singers of the time like Connie Francis and Brenda Lee, beautifull

ABBA - "VOYAGE" 2021

 ABBA  "VOYAGE" 2021 I STILL HAVE FAITH IN YOU - The lead track from the band's first album in 40 years has Anni-Frid  Frida) Lyngstad taking lead vocals.  It is unmistakeably Abba but takes time to grow on you.  It seems to me more like a musical number but its a nice opener.  This reached number 14 in the UK chart. WHEN YOU DANCED WITH ME - This is more like the Abba we know, a bright and breezy almost Folk Europop track with a catchy melody.  The girls Agnetha and Frida in perfect unison. LITTLE THINGS - A lilting lullaby style song that is a sweet track but not really grabbing you.  This only reached number 61 in the UK singles chart when released. DON'T SHUT ME DOWN - Released as a dual single with the album opener but this reached number 9 in the UK chart.  Sung beautifully by Agnetha this is a return to Abba gold.  A catchy chorus and a more upbeat Pop style. JUST A NOTION - Reaching only number 59 in the UK singles chart this is a new favourite of mine. 

ABBA - "ABBA" 1975

  ABBA "ABBA" 1975   MAMMA MIA - Abba's third studio album is almost like a hits album in itself with so many well known songs on it.  This opening track was a mega hit across the globe and was the sixth single from the set and the first UK number 1 since "Waterloo".  A classic Abba song, Europop merging with Progressive 70s Rock, a pure timeless gem. HEY, HEY HELEN - A little Disco, a little Glam Rock and a little Europop. A simple but effective and engaging experimental track. TROPICAL LOVELAND - Frida carries this song in a Calypso Regga Pop style. It's a nice, summery, feel good, relaxing track. SOS - Reaching number 6 on the UK chart, this is one of my favourite Abba tracks.  An anthemic Rock Pop classic sung beautifully by Agnetha.   MAN IN THE MIDDLE - Led by Bjorn on vocals, this is a cool, funky track with a great chorus and laid back, sleazy attitude.  Love it. BANG-A-BOOMERANG - Both girls are back on vocals for this song.  A typical Europop


  ABBA   "THE VISITORS" 1981 THE VISITORS - The eighth and final album before the band split opens with the title track.  Sung by Frida, its actually a great Synth Pop Rock track, reminding me of Ultravox and the like.  I did say that "Super Trouper" was the band's fitting last album but this is a track I really like.  Sometimes had the subtitle in brackets, "Crackin' Up". HEAD OVER HEELS - Only reaching number 25 in the UK chart, thus proving that the band's awesome song catalogue was declining with fans as well as themselves.  The song is actually a cool Tango-styled Synth Pop Rock track.     WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE - Almost has a "The Loco-motion" beat when it starts, its a decent enough track but fails to grab the listener.  That upbeat promise is distinguished quickly into blandness.  Frida takes the lead but cannot lift this to anything more than an average Europop track. SOLDIERS - Agnetha is back on lead vocal duties on


ABBA "RING RING" 1973 RING RING - The title track is one of the earlier memorable songs from the Abba catalogue.  A perfect slice of Europop which gave Abba their breakthrough in several European countries at the start of their career.  A simple mid tempo musical backing with one of those classic, memorable, catchy choruses for which the band became famous, made this a great start of this Pop phenomenon.     ANOTHER TOWN, ANOTHER TRAIN - A melancholic, gentle Folk Pop ballad.  Laid back, melodic, easy listening track that lilts along nicely.  Bjorn Ulvaeus takes lead vocals with the usual singing ladies, Agentha Faltskog and Anni-frid Lyngstad backing up on the simplistic chorus. DISILLUSION - The only Abba released song to have a songwriting credit to Agnetha.  She takes lead vocals too on this rather beautiful Pop ballad.  A really nice song giving Agnetha full rein to guide it with her vocals. PEOPLE NEED LOVE - A Folk Pop track with a Euro influence.  The debut single


ABBA "THE ALBUM"   1977 EAGLE - The album opens with one of my alltime favourite Abba songs.  Its mystical, space age, almost sci-fi musical backing and effects really got my mind engaged.  This is just a superb composition, and in headphones this whisks you away into the sky, free as a bird.  Almost 6 minutes of class.     TAKE A CHANCE ON ME - One of the band's most successful singles, a great sing-a-long memorable chorus and chug-a-chug style backing.  Europop Disco at its best.       ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN - Piano and synthesised led track with string parts make this a lovely ballad with Frida (Anni-Frid Lyngstad) on the leading vocals. THE NAME OF THE GAME - Such a clever song, so many different sections in the song, even the vocals are jointly led by Frida and Agentha Faltskog with solo parts too.  There is a lot going on and is very complex if you listen closely.  Another hit single. MOVE ON - This is a Waltz song that starts