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ALANIS MORISSETTE "JAGGED LITTLE PILL" 1995   ALL I REALLY WANT - With elements of Classic Rock, post Grunge and Pop this was an ear opening unique track.  The first song that I heard from Alanis and its still a classic.  Angst ridden vocals with her own distinct quirky style make her an original artist. YOU OUGHTA KNOW - Another classic Alanis track.  This has a harder 90s Grunge feel and more Alternative Rock style.  Enlisting the aid of Flea and Dave Navarro from Red Hot Chili Peppers on bass and guitar respectively gave this a funky feel as well.  Class.     PERFECT - A hybrid of Pop Rock balladic melancholic moments and Classic Rock segments make this an unusual track.  A really great song. HAND IN MY POCKET - Yet another outstanding track, this is a mainstream Rock song with Acoustic and almost Folk sections with a Bohemian feel. RIGHT THROUGH YOU - This is a straight up Rock track with pumping drums and screeching guitars.  One of